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Geography Final

Geography final test

Mesa A small, high, flat-topped landform with one or more clifflike sides
Cay A small, low island or coral reef
Hurricane A destructive tropical storm that forms over the Atlantic Ocean, usually in late summer and early fall, with winds of at least 74 miles per hour
Tropical Depression A storm system built around an organized low atmospheric pressure area
Tropical storm A storm with winds of at least 39 miles per hour
Aztecs A member of the American Indian people dominant in Mexico before the Spanish conquest of the 16th century.
Canopy The uppermost spreading branchy layer of a forest
Mestizo A person A person of mixed European and Native American heritage
Mayans A large family of American Indian languages spoken in Central America
Incas A member of the South American Indian people living in Central Andes before the Central conquest
Irrigation The artificial watering of farmland, often by means of canals that draw waters from reservoirs or rivers.
Haciendas Large estates owned by the Spanish and often run as farms or cattle ranches
Encomienda System A labor system employed in the Philliphines.
Ejido A Spanish word describing farmland owned collectively by members of a rural community
Latifundios A Spanish word describing a large commercial farm owned by a private individual or a farming company.
Isthmus A narrow strip of land having water on each side and joining two larger bodies of land
Guerilla A member of an armed force that is not part of a regular army.
Escarpment A steep cliff that separates two level areas of differing elevations.
Sertao Brazilians name for the regions interior plateau.
Favelas A Portuguese word meaning poor community.
Campesinos A Spanish word meaning rural or rustic
Paramos A series of highland valleys and plateaus in the Andes of Ecuador
Altiplanos A Spanish word meaning high plain
Gauchos A cowboy who herds cattle in the Pampas of Argentina and Uruaguay
Created by: gameboykid922
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