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HST 115 Final Exam

Final Exam Study Guide

Feudalism Social system common during Middle Ages, Lords granted fiefs (tracts of land or other form of income) to dependents (vassals) who owed their lords personal services in exchange. Society governed through personal ties not public political institutions.
The Black Death An epidemic disease, possibly bubonic plague, that struck Europe between 1348 and the 1350's killing at least one-third of the total population.
Gothic Architecture Style in Western Europe from the late 12th and 13th centuries. Ribbed vaults, pointed arches; drew the eyes of worshipers up to God. Flying Buttresses- made thin walls
Crusades Between 1095 and 1291, Latin Christians heeding call of the pope launched eight major expeditions and smaller ones against Muslim armies in an attempt to gain control and hold Jerusalem.
Medieval Cities "small" walled towns. merchants, craftsmen, physicians, butchers, fishmongers, run-away serfs, etc. By 13th century, craft guilds: -price and quality -Education: from journey men to masters
St. Bartholomew's Day Wedding day of Margaret Valois and Henry III of Navarre followed by massacre of Huguenot nobility
William of Orange Of the house of orange, accepted leader of Netherlands. In exile with 60,000 Dutch (determined to fight for independence) Then led seven "united northern provinces" and declared independence from Spain in 1581
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