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Exam Bible

What was created on day 1 ? light
what was created on day 2 ? sky and waters
What was created on day 3 ? land and vegetation
what was created on day 4 ? the sun moon and stars
what was created on day 5 ? Fish and birds
what was created on day 6 ? Man, women, and land animals
He has all power Omnipotent
He does not change Immutable
free from time restrictions Eternal
righteous Holy
treats everyone the same Just
He can be in all places at once Omnipresent
He has all knowledge Omniscient
supreme ruler Sovereign
Trinity God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit
in the Dark ages the what people didn't even have Bibles common
God's messengers who foretold events Prophets
event that has been predicted or foretold prophesy
Pentateuch is the first what of the Bible 5 books
usually list verses that are related to the one you are reading crossrefrences
usually gives more info related to the verse you are reading footnote
Without the shedding of what there is no remission of sin blood
Being made in God's what means we are similar to God image
Being in God's image means we can what God's characteristics reflect
The what is the part of man that is his shell or vessel body
The what is the part of man that relates him to himself soul
The what is the part of man that relates him to God spirit
new creatures in Christ Regeneration
the death means spirit and soul are separated from our body Physical
God looks at us just as if we have never sinned Justification
means no one can take away our salvation Security
when the Holy Spirit makes us aware of our sins Conviction
when Christ died in our place Substitution
telling God I know I am a sinner Confession
the death is when spirit and soul are separated from God Spiritual
getting what you don't deserve Grace
Christ's righteousness is given or credited to the sinner Justification
The role of the Trinity Son=died Father=Forgives Holy Spirit= Regenerates
was known as Levi, the tax collector Matthew
was impulsive,outspoken,and preached at Pentecost Simon Peter
asked good questions Philip
focused on God's love in his gospel John
wrote to show Christ's relationship to the Jews Matthew
Jesus' first move was to where Egypt
Created by: Godsgatorgirl
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