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Struggle for Control

Socials 9

What was the french fortress captured by the british in 1759 in the heart of new france called? Quebec
Montreal Captured by the British in 1760. Ensured British supremacy in North America.
When was Louisbourg built? 1720
Why did the French built Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island? To guard the Gulf of St. Lawrence and its fishermen to ensure a supply of cod
Who built Halifax to counter Louisbourg? England
Why did the British build Halifax? To counter Louisbourg
Where did the final battle for Quebec take place? The Plains of Abraham. Sept. 13, 1759
What did the area known as Acadia include? Nova Scotia, P.E.I, and New Brunswick
What land was once a famous cod fishing ground off Newfoundland? The Grand Banks
What were the two islands off Newfoundland that France got to keep after the treaty of Paris? St. Pierre and Miquelon
Frederick the Great Prussian King who fought the french army for Britain
Unpopular British General who captured Quebec during the battle of the plains of Abraham James Wolfe
French General who loses the battle of the plains of Abraham Marquis de Montcalm
What two generals die during the battle of the plains of Abraham James wolfe and Marquis de Montcalm
First British govenor of Quebec James Murray, was sent back to England for being anti-french
Sir Guy Carlton Becomes Govenor of Quebec. Drops assimilation policy
The sinister intendant of Louisbourg Francois Bigot
French Farmers living in Acadia Acadians
treaty of Utrecht 1713 Britain was given Hudson Bay
Period of british Military Rule Between 1760-1763, when the british military set up temporary govenrnment in New France to keep peace.
Treaty of Paris In 1763 war official ended between France and Britain. France gave up New France and Acadia. They kept St. Pierre and Miquelon.
Royal Proclamation 1763 to make Quebec, British through assimilation. Didn't work. French out # british.
Quebec Act 1774 in attempt to keep canadiens loyal to britain. French could keep language, Seignural system, and religion.
Assimilation One culture aborbs into another.
Biculturalism When 2 distinct cultures co-exist in same country
Created by: Thumper0185