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Digestive Processes


What process is involved in Ingestion? Mastication: MECHANICAL breakdown by Teeth/Mouth
What is the function of Mastication? reducing Food Size by mixing with Saliva and Chewing
What are the categories of the Digestive Process? 1. Mastication; 2. Digestion; 3. Absorption; 4. Defecation
What happens during Digestion? 1. MOLECULAR breakdown of Carbohydrates & Proteins
Where do the Enzymes involed in Digestion originate? Salivary Glands, Stomach, Pancreas, Duodenum
Where do the Enzymes involved in the MOLECULAR breakdown of Fats originate? Enzymes from Pancreas and Bile from Liver
What is Absorption? movement of material into Circulatory or Lymphatic Systems
How does Absorption occur in Digestion? ttransported through Capillaries of the SMALL Intestine
What are some of the materials absorbed in Absorption? 1. Sugars from Carbohydrates; 2. Amino Acids from Proteins
What is the path of Absorption in Digestion? epithelial cells of Villi --> capillaries of Lamina Propria --> venules of Submucosa --> Superior Mesenteric Vein --> Portal Vein --> Liver
Where in the Liver is Fat absorbed? NO where - transported to the Lacteals of the SMALL Intestine
What is the function of the Lacteals? ABSORPTION of Fatty products
What is the path of Absortion for Fatty Products in Digestion? epithelial cells of Villi --> Lacteals --> lymphatic vessels in Submucosa --> Thoracic Duct --> LEFT Subclavian
What is Defecation? ELIMINATION of Feces
What are Feces composed of? Fiber, Non-Digestable Foodstuffs, sloughed Intestinal Cells, Bacteria
Most of the Fecal matter consists of what? sloughed Intestinal Cells
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