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ROTC III Midterm


Which profession peels and cut vegetables, trim meat, and prepare poultry. Food preparation and serving workers.
Which profession starts projects by drawing sketches by hand? Computer Animator
Which profession collect and test samples of water, soil , and air? Environmental Scientist
Which profession sterilizes and disinfects instrument and equipment? Dental Assistant
Are sales and stock specialist jobs performed by Air Force Enlisted or Air Force Officers? Air Force Enlisted
Are Aircraft Mechanics job held by Air Force Enlisted or AIr Force Officers? Air Force Enlisted
Are Aerospace Engineers jobs held by Air Force Enlisted or Air Force Officers? Air Force Officers
True or False - Morals are what gives your life meaning? False
True or False - A job is something that defines a person's working life? False
True or False - Attitude is your typical mood and activity level? True
True or False - A civilian is a person who is on active duty in the armed forces? False
True or False - A career is something that a person does to make a living? False
What is low paying or volunteer work done for experience call? Internship
Who offers courses in preparation for a technical career? Vocational Schools
When you prefer to direct your energy to ideas, information, explanations, and imagination are you an introvert or an extrovert? Introvert
When you prefer to deal with facts, certainty, and clarity are you using intuition or sensing? Sensing
Is a Senior Airman an Enlisted Rank or an Officer Rank? Enlisted Rank
Is a Major an Enlisted Rank or an Officer Rank? Officer Rank
Is a Technical Sergeant an Enlisted Rank or an Officer Rank? Enlisted Rank
Is a General an Enlisted Rank or an Officer Rank? Officer Rank
Created by: valsmith
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