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ROTC 1 Midterm

Journey into Aviation History

What is the upward force on an aircraft that fights against gravity call? LIFT
What is the forward force driving an aircraft? THRUST
What is the pulling or the slowing effect of air on an aircraft call? Drag
Who created the first know human attempt to fly? Armen Firman
Who was at the controls for the first controlled, sustained, and powered heavier than air flight? Orville Wright
Who is credited with formulating 3 famous laws of motion? Sir Isaac Newton
What Chinese general used kites to scout the enemy's position and movement by air? Han Hsin
Who was the first American Woman to die in an airplane crash? Julia Clark
Who built and flew the first successful dirigible? Count Von Zeppelin
Who made President Lincoln realize how important balloons could be in wartime? Thaddeus Lowe
Who became famous for flying an airship around the Eiffel Tower? Alberto Santos-Dumont
Where did the Wright brothers get the engine for their Flyer? Their bicycle mechanic built it for them
Who was the first American woman to receive her pilot's license? Harriet Quimby
What is the movable flap or blade attached to the rear of an aircraft? RUDDER
What is the body of the airplane where the crew and passenger sit call? Fuselage
What is a plane with more than one engine call? Multi-engine plane
Who is giving credit for building the first hot air balloon? Laurenco Gusmao
Who was Daedalus son? Icarus
How many different model wings did the Wright brothers cut for their second glider? More than 200
What is a light aircraft without an engine call? Glider
What is another name for propellars? Rotors
What is the name of the space inside of the fuselage where the pilot sit? Cockpit
What is the name of the small flaps on the wing call that control turning? Ailerons
Who was the youngest American woman to recieve her pilot's license? Katherine Stinson
Who organized the Rough Riders to help Cuba win independence from Spain? Theodore Roosevelt
Created by: valsmith
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