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Vet Osteopathology

Veterinary Pathology of the Skeletel System 227.301 1st Sem

3 cellular elements of bone tissue are ________, ________ & ________. osteoblasts, osteocytes, osteoclasts
Osteoblasts manufacture ________ and ________. osteoid, regulatory factors
Osteoid is the ________ component of ________. organic, bone matrix
Osteoblasts mediate bone ________ by ________. resorption, osteoclasts
Osteoblasts initiate ________ of osteoid. mineralization
Regulatory factors produced by osteoblasts are important in ________. bone remodeling
Osteoclasts originate from ________. monocytes
Osteoblasts and osteocytes are derived from ________. osteoprogenitor cells
Osteoblasts at a site of active bone formation are ________, while those not producing bone are ________. plump, flat
Osteoblasts are called ________ once they become surrounded by ________ and embedded in ________. osteocytes, osteoid, bone
The cellular morphology of an osteoblast includes an ________ nuclei, a ________ cytoplasm, and a prominent ________. eccentric, basophilic, Golgi zone
Plasma cells, like _______, have _______ nuclei, _______ cytoplasms, and prominent _______, but can be distinguished from _______ because they are much _______. osteoblasts, eccentric, basophilic, Golgi zones, osteoblasts, smaller
To function normally, osteoblasts need the _______ ability to synthesize _______ and appropriate _______ for _______ production. genetic, osteoid, substrates, osteoid
The disease _______ is characterized by a _______ defect in _______. This defect interferes with the cell's ability to synthesize _______. osteogenesis imperfecta, genetic, osteoblasts, osteoid
Osteoblasts that undergo _______ transformation cause _______. malignant, osteosarcoma
Osteosarcoma is a _______ common and _______ malignant tumour in _______. It is _______ common in _______ and _______ in other _______. very, highly, large-breed dogs, less, cats, rare, domestic animals
_______ are the most abundant cells of bone tissue. Osteocytes
Osteocytes reside in _______ and are surrounded by _______. lacunae, mineralized matrix
Osteocytes maintain contact with other osteocystes and the bone surface via _______. canaliculi
Nutrients are supplied to osteocytes, and waste is eliminated, through _______. canaliculi
Osteoclasts are involved in _______ homeostasis through _______ action on _______ bone _______. calcium, local, perilacunar, matrix
Osteocytes are replaced throughout life by _______. remodeling processes
Osteclasts are primarily responsible for _______. bone resporption
Shallow pits on bone surfaces are called _______. Howship's lacunae
Osteoclasts are _______, _______ cells with _______ cytoplasm. large, multinucleated, eosinophilic
Osteoclasts have a _______ border that is contiguous with the _______ when it is undergoing _______. ruffled, bone surface, resorption
Created by: MLGVet2B