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Cianci - Rowell

The Conservatice Order Shaken in Europe

After flirting with what kind of ideas, Alexander turned permanetly away from reform? Enlightenment
Who realizing how economically backward and politically stifled their own nation remained, developed reformist sympathies? Many Russian Officers
What were the names of the two societies advocated representive government and the abolition of serfdom and favored constitutional monarchy and the abolition of serfdom, but wanted to protect the interersts of the aristocracy? The Southern and Northern Societies
Both societies agreed on what? Only Russia's government must change
In late November 1825 Tsar Alexander I died unexpectedly
Who was the next in line after Alexander His brother Constantine, who had excluded himself from the throne because he was married to a non-royal woman
Alexander named his younger brother as the new tsar Nicholas I
In early December..... The Army command told Nicholas about a conspiracy among certain officers and Nicholas declared himself tsar
On December 26, 1825 The army was to take an oath of allegiance to Nicholas, who was less than popular than Constantine and regarded as more conservative
Early in 1826 Nicholas himself presided over the commission that investigated the Decembrist Revolt and the secret army societies
Although the Decembrist Revolt failed completely.... It was the first rebellion in modern Russian history whose instigators had had specific political goals
Who knew economic growth and social improvement in Russia required reform, but was afriad of change? Nicholas I
Nicholas says what to his State Council in 1842? "There is no doubt that serfdom, in its present form, is a flagrant evil which everyone realizes, yet to attempt to remedy it now would be, of course, an evil more disastrous."
NIcholas turned his back on what and practically all reforms? The removal of Serfdom
Who was the new king who was a firm believer in rule by divine right? Charles X
Charles X's first action was to what? Have the Chamber of Deputies in 1824 and 1825 indemnify aristicrats who had lost their lands in the revolution
The Four Ordinances 1.)Restricted freedom of the press 2.)Dissolved the recently elected Chamber of Deputies 3.) Limited the franchise to the wealthiest people in the country 4.) Called for new elections
Catholism became the religion of a majority of the people rather than the what? "the official religion"
In 1830 The workers of Paris had called for the protection of jobs, better wages, and the preservation of the traditional crafts, rather than for the usual goals of political liberalism
On August 25, 1830 Disturbances broke out in Brussels after the performance of an opera about a rebellion in Naples against Spanish rule
By November 10, 1830.... A national congress then wrote a liberal Belgian constitution which was issued in 1831
In December 1830 Lord Palmerston persuaded representatives of the powers in London to recognize Belgium as an independent and neutral state
The Great REform Bill Expanded the size of the English electorate
The Great Reform Bill passed because.... New elections were held for the House of Commomns
During the 1820's, under the lwadership of Daniel O'Connell... Irish nationalists organized the Catholic association to agitate for Catholic emancipation
The Whig ministry presesnted the House of Commons with a major refrm bill that had two broad goals: 1.)Replace "rotten boroughs," or boroughs that had few voters 2.) the number of voters in England and Wales was to be increaed by about 50% through a series of new franchises
Created by: Cianci