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CMI - Fall 2011

Smokers acquire PAD how many yrs earlier than non-smokers? 10 yrs
PAD is MC where? Femoral, iliac, popliteal
cramping pain in leg assoc with PAD with exertion? Claudication
What is dependent rubor? Dusky red color of extremetes affected by PAD d/t decrsd O2
NL cap refil time? 2-3 sec
ABI for PAD = divided LE BP by UE BP ~.9-1.2 = normal ~above 1.2=hardening from PVD
True vs Pseudo AAA? True = all 3 layers Pseudo = intima and media
large ^ for rupture of AAA when? when 5 cm or greater
When should refer AAA pt to surgeon? at 4 cm
temporal arteritis involves what process in the artery? thickening of intima layer w/ narrowing and occlusion of lumen
Labs for temporal arteritis -^ESR -^CRP (>2.45)..more sensitive -normochromic normocytic anemia
Gold std for temporal arteritis dx? Temporal A bx to look for giant cell infiltration
Tx for temporal arteritis? Prednisone...probably long-term
What must watch for with temporal arteritis? Visual changes/loss
Primary vs secondary Raynauds? Dz=primary (idiopathic) Phenomenon = secondary to CT d/o, art dz, drug intox, pulm htn, trauma
discoloration in raynauds dz v phenomenon? dz=both phenomenon=unilateral
Allen's test in raynauds dz vs phen? dz-negative phen-positive, bc other underlying PAD
Tx for raynauds? CCBs? nitro cream? prostaglandins (muscle relaxer)?
Buerger's dz aka? Thromboangiitis Obliterans
Virchow's triad? Stasis, Intimal injury, hypercoagulability -When these 3 come together..think thrombus
Wells score for? DVT
Superficial venous thrombosis aka? Thrombophlebitis
Created by: ferrier.kath
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