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CDC 3P051

Volume 1

What year was the name of the career field changed to "Security Police"? 1966
In 1971, Security Forces was split into the two separate functions, what were these functions? Law enforcement and security specialties.
The law enforcement specialty was responsible for providing the typical police response to safeguard personnel and property.
The Vietnam Conflict pointed out the need for revised security thinking.
The death of SSgt Terrance Jensen had what effect? Within 2 month 149 additional canine teams were shipped to Vietnam.
Operation SAFE SIDE provided Security Police with training in light infantry tactics and special weapons.
After Vietnam, what was the next large scale war Security Police found themselves involved in? Operation DESERT STORM.
Prior to March 1971, basic training graduates could be assigned to SP units without formal technical training.
When SF members perform law enforcement functions, they are referred to as Security Police.
The term "SF member" is used when performing security functions.
The SF shield serves as a figure of legal authority.
The Security Police shield started out as a/an Military Police/Air Police brassard.
When was the first trial issue shield approved? 1957.
What AFSC is awarded upon completion of the military working dog handler apprentice course? 3P031A.
Airman Leadership School must be completed prior to assuming the rank of SSgt.
Adhering to what form(s) of guidance ensures mission accomplishment? Code of Conduct and SF General Orders.
What are the cornerstones of our profession? Ethics and Integrity.
Your conduct when apprehending suspects should be in accordance with AFI 31-207, Arming and Use of Force by Air Force Personnel.
How many different job titles are normally present in the typical unit structure? 34.
The typical SF command section includes all of the following except? Superintendent, Resources and Training.
When officers are in charge of flights (SFO A/B/C/D), they are designated Flight Commanders.
During base defense the S-3 function can be compared to the operations officer position.
The primary task of the S-4 during combat operations is to supply and resupply.
The authority, capacity, power and right of the military to police their own in known as Military Jurisdiction.
Which legal document contains law that applies to all branches of the US Armed Forces? UCMJ.
Federal statutes are laws passed by Congress and are contained in the US Code.
Laws in the US Code that directly affect the Air Force are covered in Title 10.
US military authority in host nation territories is foverned by Status of Forces Agreements (SOFA).
What example of international law was reached at the Hague and Geneva conventions? Law of Armed Conflict.
The types of jurisdiction found on US government installations are exclusive, concurrent, partial and proprietary.
When concurrent jurisdiction exists and there is a conflict with the state the federal government prevails under the Supremacy Clause.
When an occupying power exercises all authority over an occupied territory it is known as a military government.
Martial law is military jurisdiction over the civilian population in time of emergency.
Which type of martial law exists when military authority totally replaces civil authority? Absolute.
During absolute martial law, SF members have the authority to apprehend all offenders.
Which UCMJ ariticle gives you the authority to apprehend military offenders? Article 7b.
Title 18, section 1382 of the US Code authorizes you to detain civilians for on base offenses.
Under exclusive jurisdiction you normally relinquish detained civilians to US marshals.
What right could you invoke when apprehending any person for breach of the peace? Citizens right of arrest
You can research the provisions of the Pose Comitatus Act in Title 18, Section 1385 US Code.
The defense Authorization Act authorizes us to assist civil authorities by providing information, equipment, facilities and training.
Military working dogs (MWD) are most effective when their visible to public, we ensure this by conducting periodic public MWD demonstrations.
Military working dogs should be kept on a leash except when they must bite and hold a suspect or search an unoccupied building.
Before releasing a military working dog to search buildings, the handler must give a verbal warning stating they are about to release the dog.
When conducting building checks the military working dog is normally on-leash.
The military working dog team should always approach buildings from the downwind side.
Who determines whether a military working dog will search a building on or off-leash? On-duty supervisor and handler.
The military working dog's greatest advantage during security operations is detection capabilities during periods of limited visibility.
What is military working dog's role when the riot control team is apprehending protect members of the apprehension team.
Hostile intent is best described as the imminent threat of force to US forces.
What are the Rules of Engagement elements of self-defense? Proportionality and necessity.
Proportionality of force to counter hostile acts must be of reasonable intensity, duration and magnitude.
A written order by a competent military commander ordering a search is called a/an search authorization.
Who can issue off-base search procedures in foreign countries? Air Force Installation commanders.
What exist when there is reason to believe that evidence sought is located in a specific place? Probable cause.
A search affidavit of "probable cause" supporting your request for search authorization.
A person who exercises control over property given to them for safekeeping may grant consent to search that property.
Under what conditions during a lawful stop can a frisk be conducted? You reasonable believe the person is armed and dangerous.
Probable cause is not required when searching as a result of lawful apprehensions.
What are the common reasons for an interviewee's reluctance to talk? Inconvenience, resentment and fear of involvement.
If a witness is reluctant to talk because of the possible reprisals they are experiencing fear of involvement.
Which type of interviewee is interviewed to develop facts? Victims.
The four step interview process includes preparing, planning closing and conducting.
What are the types of interview approaches? Alternating, direct, indirect.
Investigative notes should contain the case number, date, person interviewed and time of interview.
When does your pretrial preparation begin? As soon as you are dispatched to an incident.
Investigators will conduct pretrial preparation with the staff judge advocate.
When should you give your opinion during court proceedings? Only if asked to do so by the prosecution or defense.
The budget process is broken down into two centers of control cost centers and responsibility center.
Who is normally responsible for the responsibility center? squadron commander.
The Unit Manpower Document (UMD) is the primary document that reflects positions authorized to accomplish the mission.
What is the main reason supply discipline is mandatory? Conserve, protect, and maintain available government supplies, equipment, and real property.
What does the Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP) identify? Life-cycle education and training requirements, both mandatory and desirable.
What is the responsibility of the Security Forces Manager (SFM) the commander for the Stan-Eval program.
Stan-Evals will be conducted within? 30 duty days after an individual completes qualification training.
The goal of the Air Force Law Enforcement Terminal System (AFLETS) program is to provide what? Prompt police information through the use of technology.
What are the responsibilities of The Chief of Security Forces (CSF)? Selecting/training of personnel operating the AFLETS system.
Computerized Criminal Histories and the Interstate Identification Index are documented in what federal system? A federal system of records controlled under the Privacy act of 1974.
All personnel assigned against a Unit Type Code manpower position will receive firearms training based their assigned arming group (Group A,B,or C)
Individual weapons training programs are outlined in AFI 36-2226, Combat Arms Program.
What form is used for personnel who use firearms on a temporary basis? AF Form 1297, Temporary Issue Receipt.
The use of prowords in radio communication help shorten sending time and to simplify clear reception.
Persons will not be tasked to supervise inmates if they have an unfavorable information file.
Corrections staff personnel should complete or be scheduled to attend service corrections course (or civilian equivalent).
All inmates are assigned a custody status and classified as either pretrial detainee, post-trial inmates or casual.
All inmates will have an initial confinement examination within 24 hours, or the next duty day.
What can you use to clean your mouth effectively in the absence of other means? Salt water.
What are the four major groups for transmission of communicable diseases? Contact, intestinal, waterborne, and insect and animal borne.
What is one of the ways you can prevent the introduction of diseases into your body? Eating and drinking from approved sources only.
An effective way of defeating crawling insects is tucking your pants into the tops of your socks and boots.
What can you use to keep your clothes dry in the field? Waterproof clothing bags.
What is considered the most dealy hazard of the security forces career field? Stress.
There are many causes of stress, however, the main source of stress can be found where? Personal life and job.
What is the first step in finding ways to reduce stress? Recognizing stressors.
Most often suicidal persons are overwhelmed with loss of a loved one, mental health, and divorce.
Mocroorganism in blood that cause disease are? Blood borne pathogens.
The single most important source of disease transmission in the workplace is? Blood.
What tactics reduce exposure to blood borne pathogens on the job? Employee work preactices, personal protective equipment, and housekeeping.
on 1 september 1950, which oprganization was established at Tyndall AFB, Florida Air Police school
When was the ban lifted on women entering the security field? Jan 1985
After the Air Police school transfered to parks afb california, it was redesignated as which defense school? Air base
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