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Organs of

What is the function of the LARGE Intestine? Absorption of Water, Vitamins, Minerals
What are the sub-parts of the LARGE Intestines? PROXIMAL Colon (Cecum), DISTAL Colon
What is the function of the Proximal Colon (Cecum)? receives material via the Ileocecal Sphincter from Vermiform Appendix
What is the construction of the Distal Colon? R Ascending --> L Transverse --> L Descending --> R Sigmoid
What is the histological lining of the LARGE Intestine? Simple Columnar Epithelium (NO Villi)
What is the Taenia Coli? Stripes of LONGITUDINAL Smooth Muscle
What are Haustra? Puoches within internal LARGE Intestine formed by Teania Coli - UNIQUE to Large Intestine
What are Epiploic Appendages? EXTERNAL Fat Filled Bodies on LARGE Intestine
What are the functions of the Rectum and Anal Canal? organs of Defecation - noramlly empty
What is the histological lining of the Rectum and Anal Canal? Sttratified Squamous Epithelium
What are the parts of the Anus? 1. INTERNAL Sphincter = SMOOTH Muscle; 2. EXTERNAL Sphincter = SKELETAL Muscle
Why must children LEARN to be potty trained? they must learn to control their EXTERNAL Sphincter
What do the beginning and end of the digestive tract have in common? both lined with Stratified Squamous Epithelium
Created by: kristel387