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Lymphatic Organs


Name some Lymphatic Organs? Spleen, Tonsils, Thymus
What is characterisc of Lymph Organs? 1. NOT directly in Lymph flow; 2. pesses ONLY Efferent Lymph Vessels --> drain into Lymphatic System
What does the Spleen look like and where is it located? an Eggplant - in UPPER LEFT quadrant
What components of the Spleen are parts of the Circulatory System? 1. WHITE Pulp = source of Lyphocytes (manufacture/release Lymphocytes); 2. RED Pulp = stored/Developing Erythrocytes
What is another function of the Spleen? provide and Resivoire of Blood in case of Hemorage
What is the composition of the Spleen? contractile Smooth Muscle, WHITE Pulp, RED Pulp
What are the types of Tonsils? Palatine, Phayngeal, Lingual
What are the functions of Tonsils? 1. manufacture Lymphocytes; 2. guard Oral and Nasal entrances
How do Tonsils guard Oral and Nasal entrances? FILTER Air passing through
What do the Tonsils and Thymus have in common? 1. Retrograde Development; 2. manufacture Lymphocytes; 3. Lymphatic Organs
What does the Thymus look like and where is it located? 2 Lobes - Mediastinum
What hormone does the Thymus secrete? Thymosin --> promotes immune functions
What are the functions of the Thymus? 1. manufactures/Distributes "active" (T) Lymphocytes; 2. secrete Thymosin
What is Retrograde Development? what is Large in Children, Small/Nonexistant in Adults
What would be the fate of someone born without a Thymus? Death, "Boy in the Bubble", Bone Marrow Transplant
What are the functions of the Lymphatic System? 1. produces Lymphcytes; 2. filters Lymph; 3. receives Fatty Food Products from SMALL Intestine; 4. returns lost Tissue Fluid and Plasma Proteins to Circulation; 5. responsible for Immunity via Antibody Production
What is the inadvertant function of the Lyphatic System? transposrt Cancer Cells throughout the body
Created by: kristel387