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Test Taking Vocab

analogy drawing a comparison in order to show a similarity in some respect such as words having a similar relationship
analyze break down into parts and explain the parts
atlas reference book that contains maps
bibliography list of sources used as reference
biography story of a person's life written by another person
chronological order events put in order in which they occurred
classify arrange into groups by common qualities
compare to tell how things or people are alike
concept Grouping of objects, events, or ideas that have similar characteristics.
conclude determine something based on information and reasoning
conflict struggle between opposing forces or people
consecutive one after another in order
contrast to tell how things or people are different
demonstrate describe, explain, or illustrate a concept using examples. evidence and details
equation a statement, usually math, that two expressions are equal
evaluate use evidence or standards to make judgement about the strengths and weaknesses of a position on a particular issue
evidence your basis for belief or disbelief
exponent a mathematical notation indicating the number of times a quantity is multiplied by itself
external conflict struggle from an outside force
fiction not true, made up - Example
generalization detailed facts to broad statement
infer make an educated guest based on facts or evidence
internal conflict struggle from a need, a desire, or emotion from within
magazine periodical
non-fiction true or informational material Example
persuade use evidence to convince
predict guess as to what will happen next based on clues or evidence
quantity number indicating how much or how many
summarize retell major ideas in your own words
support details or information that prove a concept
variable symbol, usually a letter, that takes the place of a value in a math problem
verify prove true or correct by evidence
trace list in steps, outline
critize make judgements. criticism often involves analysis
formulate create, come up with, make
describe explain
explain tell how it works, describe
justify provide information to support given action or beliefs. Try to show that something is right/true.
define state a complete and clear meaning for a word
discuss consider and debate or argue the pros and cons of an issue.
enumerate list several ideas, aspects, events, things, qualities, reasons, ect.
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