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Lymphatic System


The Lymphatic System assists which other systems? Circulatory System, Digestive System
What are the main functions of the Lymphatic Systems? 1. production/distribution of Lymphocytes; 2. RETURN of lost Lymph --> Bloodstream
What is Lymph? reabsorbed Tissue Fluid
What is Lymph composed of? similar to Plasma but LESS Protein - may contain Lymphocytes, Platelets, Fat Globules
What is the composition of Lymph Capillaries? BLIND, Simple Squamous Epithelium
Where are Lymph Capillaries located? throughout body EXCEPT: CNS, Epidermis, Cartilage
What are Lacteals? Special Lymph Capillaries which absorb Dietary Fat (chyle)
Where are Lacteals located? SMALL Intestine
Why aren't there Lymph Capillaries in the CNS? CNS get its fluid from CSF
What color is Lymph? usually Clear - from Lacteals = Milky
What are Lymph Vessels? a merging of Lymph Capillaries
What do Lymph Vessels look like? very Thin; contain Many Valves
Where are Lymph Vessels located? travel between Connective Tissue --> Skeletal Muscles
How does Skeletal Muscle assist Lymph Vessels? Skeletal Muscle contracts --> MESSAGES Lymph Vessels --> move Fluid
What are components of the Lymphatic System? 1. Lymph; 2. Lymph Capillaries; 3. Lymph Vessels; 4. Lymph Nodes
What is the function of Lymph Vessels of the Thoracic Duct? drains entire LEFT and LOWER RIGHT side of body
What is the path of the Thoracic Duct? enters Bloodstream at junction of LEFT Subclavian/Jugular Vein
What is the path of the RIGHT Lymphatic Duct? enters Bloodstream at the junction of the RIGHT Subclavian/Jugular Vein
What is the function of the Lymph Vessels of the RIGHT Lymphatic Duct? drains UPPER RIGHT side only
What color Lymph does the Thoracic Duct create and why? Milky - because Lymph passes abdominal and GI tracts
What color Lymph does the RIGHT Lymphatic Duct produce? Clear
What do Lymph Nodes look like? Small, Kidney Bean shaped
What are Lymph Nodes? Small Lymphoid Organs along Lymphatic Pathway
Where are Lymph Nodes located? abundant in Cervical, Axillary, Inguinal regions
What are the functions of Lymph Nodes? 1. contain Macrophages to FILTER Bacteria, Foreign Debris, and Cell Fragments; 2. produces Lymphocytes that add Antibodies to Lymph
What would a swollen Lymph Node indicate? an Infection in that area
Why are there more Afferent Lymphatic Ducts (in) than Efferent Lymphatic Ducts (out)? better Filtration
Created by: kristel387