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Who is the approval authority for the public web pages? Unit commander
What information is required for all top-level private web pages? Web page maintainer's organization, commercial and DSN phone number, and e-mail
Who is the approval authority for the private web pages? Unit commander
What is the primary purpose of managing Air Force information? Effectively and efficiently enhance the Air Force mission
Which of the following are ways we manage information in support of information resources management? Security and privacy
What stage of the life cycle management provides preservation? Storage
What is the objective of the electronic communications program? Create clear, efficient, and effective communications
Which plain language element emphasizes the need to put your main message up front? Logical organization
Which plain language element reinforces the message that the document is intended for the reader? Pronouns
On the average, about what percentage of communication do you write in the active voice to communicate effectively? 75
Which is not a Form Memorandum? Fill-out
What type of Air Force correspondence receives the most endorsements? Memorandums
What type of memorandum for record is an in-house document to record information that would otherwise not be recorded in writing? Separate page
Multipurpose written briefs that provide information, forward items of interest or summarize problems are Bullet background papers
Who has the responsibility to ensure the intended receiver receives the tasking? Sender
When an AutoArchive storage process is used what type of folder is created? Personal
Once an item is archived how is it deleted? Manually
What must you do with unsealed containers endorsed "DO NOT FORWARD" that remain in action offices at the close of business? Store in a classified storage container
Which mail class is for use only by authorized publishers and registered news agents? Periodicals
When should you use certified mail? When required by law or Department of Defense (DOD) or Air Force directives
What two items, used together, enable us to trace a container from the sender through the base information transfer system into the US Postal Service, and on to the receiver? Container numbers and DD Form 2825, Internal Receipt
Which is an accurate example of an accountable container number? UUB-08-058
The best choice for ensuring accountable containers stay in a controlled environment is to mail them Registered
What level of damage to national security could reasonably be expected if unauthorized disclosure of Top Secret information occurred? Exceptionally grave
What type of classification decision involves information that is paraphrased or restated? Derivative
What is any knowing, willful, or negligent action contrary to the requirements of Executive Order 12958 that is not a security violation? Infraction
What must you do when you find classified material out of proper control? take custody of the material and safeguard it
What is not a factor in releasing classified information? Rank
Who determines wheher the recipient has a legitimate need for access to the classified information? Possessor
Top Secret material should never be sent through the base information transfer system
The Air Force Portal provides essential online resources for the Air Force at a single location, and it also does the following except? Provide faster, reliable service
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