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Veterinary Osteopath

VETERINARY-Developmental + degenerative joint diseases

Name a joint disease of young, fast-growing animals, particularly males Osteochondrosis
Osteochondrosis involves which sections of bone? Articular-epiphyseal cartilage complexes + physes
List possible causes of osteochondrosis Trauma on cartilage weakened by other factors (nutritional, hormonal, vascular, genetic), ischemia to growing cartilage, copper deficiency
What is the initial event in osteochondrosis? Damage to the blood supply in growing articular cartilage
What is a common sequele to osteochondrosis? DJD
Joint mice can develop in joints with osteochondrosis. True or False? True
What is the major predilection site in dogs for osteochondrosis? The shoulder joint
What other manifestations are there in horse joints in addition to typical articular lesions? Subchondral bone cysts, physitis, angular limb deformity, wobbler syndrome
Name the characteristics of hip dysplasia Subluxation of hip joint due to lack of conformity between acetabulum + femoral head
What causes hip dysplasia? It has a genetic component, could be environmental effects such as overfeeding
List predisposing factors of hip dysplasia Low pelvic mass, hypotrophy of pectineus muscle, possible linkage with osteochondrosis
What are some gross lesions of hip dysplasia? Shallow acetabulum, subluxation of femoral head, degenerative changes on articular cartilage of femoral head
Primary DJD occurs in young animals and secondary DJD occurs in older animals. True or False? False-Primary DJD occurs mainly in older animals, no apparent predisposing cause. Secondary DJD occurs due to an underlying abnormality in the joint or supporting structures
List the possible predisposing causes of DJD Trauma to ligaments, uneven articular surfaces, malaligned fractures, septic arthritis, persistant hemarthrosis
Yellow discoloration, fibrillation, eburnation, and pannus formation are gross changes of what joint disease? Degenerative joint disease
Define fibrillation in reference to joints Roughening of articular cartilage
Define eburnation Loss of articular cartilage + sclerosis of the exposed subchondral bone
Define pannus formation Extension of granulation tissue over articular cartilage from the synovial membrane
Define osteophyte formation Nodular bony outgrowths around margin of articular cartilage and bone
Excessive synovial fluid is often found in joints with DJD True or False? True
Created by: vincentsvet