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Endrocrine System

Chptr 11 Endocrine

Endrocrine Gland Gland that secretes its product directly into the blood; opposite exocrine gland, scattered throughout the body, small and unimpressive, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT
Exocrine Gland Gland that secretes its product to a surface or cavity through ducts opposite of endocrine gland
Hormone a Substance secreted by an endocrine gland, Influences Growth, Development, Metabolic activities
Sudieriferous Sweating, diaphyrsis, persperation
Pituitary Gland Master Gland that regulates the other endocrine glands as well as secreting its own hormones, connected to the hypothalmus (temperature)
Proteins (insulin) make up most of the hormones in the body, difficult to administer orally, inactivated by acid & pepsin in the stomach
Steroids Make up sex hormones & hormones secreted by the adrenal cortex
Testosterone Males - testes
Progesterone & Estrogen Females - Ovaries
Type I Diabetes Mellitus body produces NO insulin
Type II Diabetes Mellitus body produces Some insulin (treated with diet & some meds --> Glucophage & Metforman via PO pills)
Name the two regions of the Pituitary Gland Anterior & Posterior
What does the GH (growth hormone) do: Stimulates Bone & muscle growth & other organs by promoting protein synthesis
What is an excess in GH (growth hormone) called Agromegaly (features of the jaw, hands are large)
TSH is what hormone? Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (hypersecretion or hyposeretion)
ACTH is what hormone? AdrenoCorticcoTropic Hormone - stimulates secretion of cortical hormones (cortisol), affects melanocytes in the skin, increases pigmentation)
Albino is what kind of condition an absense of pigmentation in the skin, eyes, hair etc.
Gonadotropic hormones are location & function Location: ovaries/testes, Regulates growth functions of reproduction organs
HCG indicates what in women? confirmation of pregnancy by analyzing the level of HCG in the uterus
PRL is what hormone? PRoLactin stimulates breast milk production, stimulates milk production through infantcy
FSH is what hormone? Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) stimulates development of eggs in the ovaries & sperm in testes, stimulates estrogen in females
LH is what hormone? Lutenizing Hormone, causes ovulation, causes production of progesterone & estrogen
Quiz: Calcitriol plays a role in _____ sysnthesis Vitamin D (think calcium & Vit D link)
Quiz: Goiter is an elargement of the _________. Thryoid (enlarged in the neck)
Quiz: Organ that is responsible for secreting insulin Pancreas
Quiz: What is glycosuria? sugar in the urine med term
Quiz: A condition of premature old age in children Progoria
Quiz: What is the primary male sex hormone? Testosterone
Quiz: What does androgen mean? male hormone
Quiz: "Master gland" (located in the brain Pituitary Gland
Quiz: Prolactin stimulates____________ production breast milk
Quiz: Hormone that stimulates uterine contractions Oxytocin (coml prep is Pitocin)
Quiz: Condition characterized by excessive growth and enlargment of the extremities Agromeglia
Quiz: Which of the following is located in the neck? Choose from: Pancreas, Thymus, Thyroid, Pineal Thyroid
Quiz: Stimulates retention of water from the kineys: Choose from: ACTH, Oxytocin, ADH, Prolactin ADH
Quiz: Stimulates progesterone production in females: Choose from: FSH, LH, progesterone, Aldosterone LH
Quiz: Which of the following hormones are located in the anterior pituitary? Choose from: ADH, oxytocin, GH, all of the above GH
Quiz: Which hormone contradts the uterus during childbirth? Choose from: melatonin, thymosin, insulin, oxytocin oxytocin
Quiz: Where are the adrenal glands located? Choose from: stomach, kidneys, liver, testes Kidneys
Quiz: Which diabetes always requires insulin injections? Choose from: Type I or Type II Type I
Quiz: What is the normal non-fasting blood sugar range? Choose from: 70-110 or 50-80 or 80-120 or 130-160 80-120
Quiz: Increased the amount of calcium in the blood: Choose from: PTH, aldosterone, ADH, ACTH PTH
Quiz: T/F: Weight gain is a symptom of hypothyroidism TRUE
Quiz: T/F: Weight loss is a symptom of hyperthyroidism TRUE
Quiz: T/F: Hyperglycemia is associated with diabetes minsipidis TRUE
Quiz: T/F: Prolactin inhibits milk prodcution FALSE
Quiz: T/F: Patients with Grave's disease have exophthalmus TRUE
Quiz: T/F: Epinephrine increases heart rate and decreases blood pressure FALSE
Quiz: T/F: Cretinism is a thyroid disorder found in adults FALSE (in children)
Quiz: T/F: Melatonin regulates the body's sleep and wake cycles TRUE
Quiz: T/F: Cortizone injections are given intramuscular FALSE (by the dr in the joint)
Quiz: T/F: Metformin is used to treat thyroid disorders FALSE (treats diabetes mellitus)
Bonus Quiz Question: Acts as both a diretic and an anit-hypertensive medication HCTZ
Lasix Furosemide
HCTZ hydro chloro thia zide
Sudiferous sweating
Diabetes Insipidus large amounts of ADH blood vessels
HCG Human Choranic Gonatrophic
Name 2 drugs used to chemically treat Diabetes Mellitus Glocophase & Metforman
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