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The Wars of Independence in Latin America

Why was Haiti's independence so important? 1.) sparked by policies of the French Revolution overflowing into the New World. 2) Haitian Revolution demonstrated that slaves could lead a revolt
former slave, leader of 1791 Slave Rebellion Francois-Dominique Toussaint L'Ouverture
These 2 countries opposed the end to slavery, and coveted Haiti's sugar crop. They also wanted to put their own influence in the Caribbean Spain and Great Britain
Why were the Creoles discontent? Latin American merchants wanted to trade more freely, wanted commercial regulations to benefit them, resented tax increases.
white people born in Spain; Creoles resented Spanish policies that favored this group Penninsulares
The Creole elite feared a liberal Napoleonic monarchy in Spain would do what? attempt to impose reforms in Latin America and would harm their economic and social interests
political committees Creole juntas
center of revolt Buenos Aires
leading general of the Rio de la Plata forces, led an army in a march over the Andes Mountains Jose de San Martin
Chilean independence leader, established as the supreme dictator Bernardo O'Higgins
pursed a task similar to O'Higgins in the north; involved in organization of a liberating junta in Caracas Simon Bolivar
Creole priest who issued a call for rebellion to the Indians in his parish Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla
leadership of this movement fell to this mestizo priest Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon
former royalist general who declared Mexico independent of Spain in 1821 Augustin de Iturbide
returned to Portugal and left his son as regent in Brazil King Joao VI
Created by: Cianci