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sfhb final LL

final exam

The energy-storing compound found in all cells is what? ATP
What temperature scale is used for scientific measurement? The Celsius scale
A substance in which another substance is dissolved is called Solvent
What is a negatively charged ion called? Anion
What element is combined with oxygen in water? Hydrogen
What is another name for osseous tissue? Bone
What is the passage of a solution through a membrane under mechanical force called? Filtration
The bands of connective tissue that holds the bones together in a synovial joint are called Ligaments
The cells that produce bone tissue are called Osteoblasts
The shaft of a long bone is called Diaphysis
What is the lower jaw bone called? Mandible
Another name for the cheek bone is called what? Zygomatic bone
Medial bone of the forearm Ulna
Turning the palm down or backwards is called Pronation
The oily secretion from the sebaceous glands is Sebum
Primary skin pigment is called what? Melanin
Bones store salts of the mineral calcium
The ends of long bones contain what color marrow? Red
What word part means "tongue"? Gloss/o
The muscle that regulates the size of the pupil is the Iris
The coiled portion of the inner ear that contains the organ of hearing is the Cochlea
The suffix -esthesia means Sensation
The tunic of the eye that contains photoreceptors is the Retina
The fluid thay fills the space anterior to the lens is the Aqueous humor
The three layers of the connective tissue enclosing the brain and spinal cord are called the Meninges
A shallow groove on the surface of the brain is called a Sulcus
Impulses travel down cranial nerve II to which lobe? The occipital lobe
White Blood cells are also called Leukocytes
The insoluble protein that forms a blood clot is Fibrin
A person whose blood reacts with anti-B serum and anti-A serum has what blood type? AB
What is the thick muscular layer of the heart wall called? Myocardium
The right side of the heart pumps blood through the Pulmonary circuit
The ventricles contract during the cardiac cycle phase called Systole
An abnormally slow heart rate is termed Bradycardia
A heart rate of 180 bpm is termed Tachycardia
The vessels that supply blood to the heart muscle are the Coronary arteries
Comparing men and women, the pulse rate is generally faster in Women
The part of the respiratory tract that contains the vocal chords is the Larynx
The air sacs in the lungs through which gases are exchanged are the Alveoli
The first part of the small intestine is the Duodenum
The abdominal gland that secretes glucagon and digestive enzymes is the Pancreas
Retinol is also known as vitamin A
What substance is synthesized in the liver and emulsifies fat? Bile
The substance that makes up the genes is DNA
A cell placed in what type of solution will swell? Hypotonic
The testes are found within a sac called the Scrotum
The reproductive organ in which a fetus develops is the Uterus
The muscular layer of the uterus is called the Myometrium
The gas that lowers blood pH is called Carbon dioxide
Glucose is a monosaccharide, whereas starches are Polysaccharides
What part of the brain is involved in the regulation of body temperature? Hypothalamus
The small coiled tube that forms the urine is called what? Nephron
Human cells contain one pair of sex chromosomes and 22 pairs of Autosomes
One's genetic makeup is called the Genotype
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