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Rad review for fin 1

reviewing for final in first semester of Casey's class uafs

What did William Conrad Roentgen Die from? Colon Cancer
What honors did Roentgen 's discovery earn him? 1901 Nobel prize in Physics
What is Evangelista Torricelli given credit for? Borometer
special protection should be taken to prevent excessive exposure to ? Ionizing radiation
This is a form of non-ionizing radiation? sonography
An individual who specializes in using x rays to create images of the body is known as a ? Radiographer
a discipline that visualizes sectional anatomy by the recording of a predetermined plane in the body is ? Computed tomography
An individual who specializes in carrying out treatments designed to correct or improve the function of a particular body part or system is known as a ? Therapist
What are the two categories of sources of radiation? 1. Man-made 2. Natural/Background
What are three examples of man made radiation? 1. Nuclear energy 2. medical or dental x-rays 3. consumer products
_____ has carbon in it. Any organic material
ages considered child bearing years 12-60
who should you shield? The patient yourself anyone in room
any x-ray emitted from window Primary beam
What are the three principle of alara 1. time 2. distance 3. shielding
how far away can an x ray travel? less than 6 feet
tube leakage should not exceed _____ MR/hour at a distance of 1 meter from the source? 100
The worse place to be to absorb scatter radiation is? Right next to the patient
NCRP says that lead aprons must be at least a minimum of ________ of lead equivalency. .5 milameters of lead equivalency.
Gloves and drapes and bucky slot cover need to be a minimum of ________. .25 mm Pb
A thyroid shield needs to be a minimum of ____. .5 mm PB
Anywhere primary beam points you have to have ________ barriers. Primary barriers
Primary barriers have to be _______ inches of Pb. 1/16 inches and 7 feet tall
Secondary barriers protects against scatter and leakage and has to be a minimum of ______Inches of Pb. 1/32 inches
The two types of barriers are _______ and _______. Primary and secondary
This is used to measure the exposure in air. Roentgen
1 rad does not equal one _______. gray
100 rad = _______. 1 gray
1000 rem = _________. 1 seivert
REM Radiation Equivalent Man What the techs exposure is measured in.
The quality factor of x ray 1
Curie measure radioactivity
Radiation absorbed dose. Who is absorbing it? The patient
Rem = Rad times______________. Quality factor
What are three types of monitoring devises? 1. Film badge 2. OSL 3. TLD
pocket dosimeter looks like pocket light provides an instant reading (are very inaccurate)
Film badge the only permanent record.
OSL optical laser uses aluminum oxide
TLD Thermo luminescence dosimetry uses heat to return crystal to natural state
1 curie = 1 _____________. Becquerel
Annual dose limit for occupational worker 50 msv or 5 rem
Cumulative lifetime dose 1 rem x age or 10 msv x age
eyelids 150 msv or 15 rem
Skin hands feet 500 msv or 50 rem
Public annual dose 1 msv or .1 rem
publics monthly dose .5 msv
Natural /background radiation can be occur spontaniously and can be affected by __________________. human activity
constitutes the greatest exposures of human made radiation Medical and dental x rays
three things must be present for x ray production 1. source of electrons 2. force to move them rapidly 3. something to stop this movement rapidly.
The negative terminal Cathode
The positive terminal Anode
Created by: hserat00