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Casey's bingo

Radiography Patient care

certificate of authority or permission granted by a state review board allowing a hospital or other health care entity to construct new facilities, develop new services, or purchase expensive equipment or technologies? CON's (Certificate of Needs)
What is the title of Roentgens paper? "On a New Kind of Rays"
This term is described as the stimulated effort needed to preform a the required work. Activities including giving instruction and promoting an understanding of what needs to be done? Directing
What is the name of the oldest U.S. Radio logic society? American Roentgen ray society
Who puts out the annual examination for Radiological Technologists? ARRT
What is the formal organization of physicians within the hospital with authorized priviledges, bylaws, elected officers, committees, and organized activities known as? Medical staff
What is the term defined as energy that is transmitted by waves through space and through matter? Radiation
Who discovered bacteria as being the origin of diseases and infection, thus introducing safe surgical procedures to minimize risk of surgery? Lister
What is defined as a system of acquiring, archiving, interpreting, and distributing digital images throughout the health care world? PACS
What is the term for the records of internal structures of the body? Radio-graphs
Roentgen was working with cathode rays and what else when he discovered x rays? Crookes tube
Who is known as the father of radiographic technology? Jerman
Who showed that germs caused and that they were alive and present before the infection begins? Pasture
This imaging modality uses high- energy radiation to treat malignant tumors? Radiation Therapy
This modality involves procedures that require the use of radioactive materials for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes? Nuclear medicine
Once a person has successfully passed the national registry he/she is awarded what credentials? RT(R)
This is an internal agency required by TJC, which directs the education of employees on safety polices and procedures and ensures the safe operation of the facility for patients and employees? Safety Committee
This management function involves getting the right people to the work and developing their abilities so they can do the work better? Staffing
This internal committee is required by the NRC and TJC and has the responsibility of regulating hospital activities for radiation safety and nuclear medicine activities? Radiation Safety Committee
Who was the first person x-rayed? Bertha
Who is credited with the discovery of the circulation of blood? William Harvey
What is the name of the process through which an agency grants recognition to an individual on demonstration, usually by examination, of specialized professional skills? Certification
While working with radium, they discovered radioactivity and coined the phrase "Radioactivity"? Pierre and Marie Curie
This process is defined as when a manager achieves orderly group activities and unity of effort by workers who are fully aware of a common purpose? Coordinating
Who discovered X-rays? Roentgen
What is the term defined as the process by which a government agency ( usually a state) grant permission to individuals to practice their profession? Licensure
What is the term defined as an authoritive rule dealing with detail and procedure? Regulation
This modality uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves along with a computer to generate sectional images of a patient? MRI
This is a national examination as well as a listing of registered radiologic tecnologists? Registry
What term governs the ethical conduct of physician still today? Hippocratic oath
What coated the plate that Roentgen noticed fluorescing, which eventually lead to the discovery of x-rays? Barium Platinocyanide
What is the accrediting agency for hospitals? TJC
Where were x rays discovered? Wurzburg, Germany
Who discovered Penicillin? Fleming
Who is the person that reports to the senior hospital administration and has direct responsibility and authority for the operation and organization of the imaging department? Director of Radiology
Who specializes in the use of x rays and other forms of radiation to diagnose as well as treat diseases? Radiologist
What was the first part to be x-rayed? hand
Who invented the battery? Volta
Within the imaging modality, radiographers use a wide range of procedures, including examinations of the skeletal system, the chest, and the abdomen? Diagnostic Radiology
Within the structure of the imaging department, this physician's responsibility is for the medical operation and quality of the department, also for providing input involving the policy and procedures of the department? Medical Director of Radiology
What professional organization represents technologist before the government? ASRT
What organization or organizations sponser the ARRT? ASRT and ACR
What is the management function that charts a course of action for the future? Planning
When Roentgen was experimenting with these newly discovered rays, what did he see on a metal disc that he had been playing with? His fingers
X-rays are classified as what type of radiation? Ionizing Radiation
Who is considered the first U.S. death due to x-rays? Dally
Who is considered the father of pathology? Morgagni
What did the barium platinocyanide do when struck by the x-rays? It fluoresced
This imaging modality is defined as the recording of a predetermined plane in the body using an x-ray beam that is measured, recorded, and then processed by a computer for display on a moniter? CT
Who is considered the father of anatomy? Vesalius
In what year were x rays discovered? 1895
What is the term defined as the ability to warrant credit or confidence, something that gives a title or credit? Credential
Who produced the first American x-ray? Pupin
Who is the inventor of the rolled film? Eastman
This internal committee regulates infection control policies and procedures and conducts epidemiological studies for patient and employee protection? Infection control committee
Who is the accrediting agency for the radiologic technology program? JRCERT
This modality is a valuable tool for the early detection of breast cancer? Mammography
This management function is defines performance standards or guidelines used to measure progress toward the goals of the organization? Controlling
What is the name of the project that was completed in the year 2000 that mapped out 40,000 human genes? The Human Genome project
What serves as the driving force of the organization? Mission Statement
What is the link between the patient and the radiologist? Staff
This is the person who is involved in higher-level problem solving situations and has extensive educational preparation? Technologist
Who issues CON's? The Health Department
Who is the imaging departments link to the medical staff? Department chair
Who is responsible for the small pox vaccination? Edward Jenner
What is the term that is applied to someone who performs procedures that require attention to detail? Technician
Who is considered the father of medicine? Hippocrates
This act was established in 1996 to protect certain personal health informaion? HIPAA
This department is responsible for recruitment, retention, benefits, and compensation of all employees who work in the hospital? Human resources
What is the term defined as voluntary peer-reviewed process through which an agency grants recognition to an institution or a program of study that meets specified criteria? Accreditation
Who also discovered radioactivity while working with uranium? Becquerel
Who is employed by the board of Directors to run the day to day activities of the hospital? CEO/President
This management function is defined as the development of a structure or framework that identifies how people do their work? Organizing
This group of people is given the authority by law to conduct , maintain, and operate a hospital for the benefit of the public? board of Directors
This document details the minimum requirements for how an accredited program must operate? Standards
What is the term for making of records? Radiography
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