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4010 Abbr&Term wk1

4010 Abbreviations and Terminology week 1

Diag Diagnosis
BP Blood Pressure
HEENT Head, Eyes,Ears,Nose,Throat
PMH Past Medical History
COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
CBC Complete Blood Count
HIPAA Health Insurance Portabilty and Accountablity Act
AMA American Medical Association
NPP Notice of Privacy Pratices
CAP Claims Assistant Professional
PHI Protected Health Information
A/R Accounts Receivable
POS Point of Service
HMO Health Manintance Organization
PPO Preferred Provider Organization
Ethics Stanards of conduct gernerally accecpted as a moral guide for behavior by which an insurance billing or coding specialist may determine the appropriateness of his or her conduct in a relationship with patients, the physican, co-workers, the government, an
Etiquette customs,rules of conduct, coursty, and manners of the medical profession
Capitation a system of payment used by managed care plan in which physicians and hospitals are paid a fixed per capita amount
Expressed Contract A verbal or written agreement
Respondent Superior "Let The master answer"
Accounts Receivable Management the organization and adminstration of coding and billing in a medical practice
Guarantor an indivdual who promises to pay the medical bill by signing a form aggreeing to pay or who accepts treatment, which contitutes a expressed promise
Implied Contract Acontract between physician and patient not manifested by direct words but implied or deducted form the circumstance, general lanquage, or conduct of the patient
Medicaid a federally aided, state operated and state administered program that provides medical benefits for certain low income persons in need of health and medical care
Medicare A nationwide health insurance program for persons 65 yrs of age and older
Medicare/Medicaid refers to an individual wh receicves medical or disabity benefits from both medicare and medicaid programs
Principal Diagnosis A contidtion establisted after study that is cheifly responsible for the addmission of the patient to the hospital
Created by: Lanealto88
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