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Med Term ASA Final

adenitis excision or removal of a gland
cholecystitis inflammation of the gallbladder
lesion abnormal skin conditions such as abscesses, vesicles and macules
Hepatitis C This inflammation of the liver is chronic and transmitted through blood, often by transfusions, and no vaccine is available for the disease
Hematuria The medical term for blood in the urine
Encephalomyelopathy Any disease of the brain and spinal cord
Pathogenic Any organism that can cause infection
Carpal Refering to the wrist
Adhesion When two normally seperate tissues join together
Onych/o nails
Chondr/o Costal Cartilage
Patell/o Knee Cap
Ot/o Ears
Brachi/o Arm
Stern/o Sternum
Proct/o Anus and rectum
Ankyl/o immovable
Ophthalm/o Eyes
Cheil/o Lips
Calcane/o Heel
Cost/o Ribs
Wrist Carp/o
Dactyl/o Digits
Phag/o Eat
Lung Pneumon/o
Cheid/o Clavicle
Derm/o Skin
Teeth Dent/o
Urethra Urethr/o
Aden/o Gland
Humer/o Bones of the upper arm
Tongue Gloss/o
Theigh bone Femor/o
Cent(i) one hundredth
Seven Hepta/Septa
One-Thousandth Mill(i)
Three Tri
di(plo) / bi Two
Octa/ Oct Eight
Semi/Hemi Half
Six Hexa/ Sexta
Tenth Deci
One Uni / Mono
Prot / Prim First
One Thousand Kilo
One Hundred Hecto
Four Tetra / Quadr
Nine enne(a) / non(i)
In the word implant, the word root plant and im is a(n) prefix
The science that studies and developes mechanical appliances to use as supportive devices is called? Orthotics
Tissue Cell Histocyte
Adjective form of the suffix-dinia (pain) is Dynic
Melanocarcinoma A darkly pigmented cancerous tumor
Oma Suffix for tumor
Hyperemesis Excessive vomiting
Stomach Gastro
Dermat/o Skin
A tissue cell Histocyte
Norepinephrine A neurotransmitter hormone
Hormone produced by the testes Testosterone
If you break your leg skiing, what type of physician would treat you Orthopedist
The Carpals are located in the Wrist
The Trrsals are located in the Ankle
Laryngospasm Spasm of the Larynx
Combining form for chin Ment/o
The most effective treatment for Malaria is? IV drug therapy
The term for ""position in front" is Anteposition or Preposition
If you are having a general feeling of illness, you are said to have? Malaise
The formation of glycogen from food Glycogenesis
Prefix Dia mean? Through
The separation of substances in a solution across a semipermeable membrane is called? Dialysis
What merves of your autonomic nervous system respond to a threat? Sympathetic
What nerves return the body to a resting state? Parasympathetic
The terms paralgesia and paraalgia both mean abnormal? Pain
Neuromyelitis inflammation of the nerves and spinal cord
Two adjectives used to pertain to heat Thermal and Thermic
Rhino Nose
Pyogenic Bacteria that produce pus
Prefix that means away from Ab-
To describe the location on or on top of the head? supracranial
Patients would visit a bariatrics clinic for help with which type of condition? Obesity
Angioplasty Medical term that means repair of a vessel
Pharyngoplasty Surgical repair of the pharynx
The prefix pre- means? Before
A superficial wound is one that is: On the surface of the body
An antihypertensive works against? high blood pressure
Which instrument is used during a laparoscopic surgery to introduce othe instruments into the abdomen? Trocars
Glycolysis The breakdown of suger in the body
The prefix para- means near or around
The membrane that lines tha abdominal cavity and covers most of the organs is the? Peritoneum
Angioplasty The medical term that means "repair of a vessel"
Urethr/o Urinary bladder tube
Colp/o Vagina
Prostat/o Prostate
Vas/o Blood Vessel
Balan/o Glans Penis
Neur/o Nerves
Oophor/o Ovary
Orchid/o Testicles
Semin/o Fluid that contains sperm
Ureter/o Tube from kidney to bladder
Pyel/o Renal Pelvis
Salping/o Fallopian tubes
Acro Extremities
Blast/o Immature or embryonic cell
Cardi/o Heart
Cyan/o Blue
Edema Swollen
Ectomy Excision (cut out)
Itis inflammation
Megal enlarged
Mania madness
Osis any condition
Path/o disease
Aden/o Gland
Anti- Against
Emesis vomiting
Mal Bad
Hyper Above
Sub Below
Gloss/o Tongue
Melan/o Dark Pigmented, Black
lip/o fat
crani/o skull
ne/o new
hypo below
-cele herniation
malac/o softening
ab away from midline
add toward midline
arthr/o joint
-centesis surgical puncture
cost/o rib
odont tissue around the teeth
orth/o straight
-plasty surgical repair
thorac/o chest
a- (an-) not, lack of
bacill/o bacillus (rod shaped bacteria)
brady slow
lith/o stone
cholecyst/o gallbladder
cocc/o cocci (round shaped bacteria)
esthesi/o (is) feeling sensation
ot/o ear
phag/o (ia) eating, swallowing
-spasm involuntary contraction
py/o pus
syn- joined or fused
tachy fast
therm/o (ia) heat
-rrhea flow or discharge
-cide kill
crypt/o hidden
endo- inside
gastr/o stomach
glyc/o, gluc/o glucose, blood sugar
hyster/o uterus
-lysis destruction
noct/i night
nephr/o kidney
-tripsy surgical crushing
epi upon
sec/o feces, solid waste
-plagia paralysis
-ptosis prolapsed organ
stomat/o mouth
hepat/o liver
gingiv/o gum
enter/o intestine
angio vessel
athr/o joint
ather/o fatty, porridgelike
audi/o hearing
-emia condition in the blood
-phobia abnormal fear
thromb/o clot
phleb/o vein
aer/o air
bio living thing, live
caud/o tail
cephal/o head
dia through
dors/o back
meso- middle
poster/o back
pseud/o false
ventr/o front
ecto outside
auto self
flex/o bending/shortening
iso same, equal
pyr/o fire, heat
trans across
multi many
Created by: Paul Mayuiers
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