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CH9 Palmer - K.E.

Old Regime The Aristocratic system in place prior to the French Revolution. The people belonged to one of three states. First Estate was the Clergy, Second was the nobility, and the third was everyone else.
National Assembly The voice of the Thrid Estate founded on June 13, 1789. They refused to back down form the king until a constitution was formed.
Count of Artois Brother of King Louis XVI. He was the leader of the French Counter Revolution.
storming of the Tuileries A revolt of August 1792 where the working class of Paris stormed Louis palace, turnstiles. They massacred the Swiss guards and captured the King and the Royal family.
Committee of General Security A committee put toghter by the Committee of Public safety during the Reign of Terror. They were a political police who stopped those against the Republic.
Lomenie de Brienne The Director of Finances for France. He and King Louis XVI tried to pass Calonne's program of new taxes on landowners, indirect taxes, and abolition of internal tariffs. The Parliament rejected it forcing Louis to call for a Estates General.
"Reign of Terror" The time where the Committee of Public safety was trying to stop the counterrevolution. During this time many anti-republics were killed including Marie Antoinette.
Tithe A tenth part of something paid as a voluntary contribution or as a tax especially for the support of a religious establishment.
Tennis Court Oath The Tennis Court Oath was a result of the growing discontent of the Third Estate in France in the face of King Louis XVI's desire to hold onto power. The estates General met at Versailles, each Estate in its own building.
"flight to Varennes" A significant episode in the French Revolution during which King Louis XVI of France, his wife Marie Antoinette, and their immediate family were unsuccessful in their attempt to initiate a counter-revolution.
Brunswick Manifesto A proclamation issued by Charles William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick,on July 25, 1792 to the population of Paris, during the French Revolutionary Wars. Threatened that if the French royal family were harmed, then French civilians would be harmed.
Dumouriez A French general during the French Revolutionary Wars. He shared the victory at Valmy with General Fran├žois Christophe Kellermann, but later deserted the Revolutionary Army and became a royalist intriguer during the reign of Napoleon.
Concordat of 1801 An agreement between Napoleon and Pope Pius VII, signed on 15 July 1801. It solidified the Roman Catholic Church as the majority church of France and brought back most of its civil status.
"plebiscite" A direct vote in which an entire electorate is asked to either accept or reject a particular proposal. May result in adoption of a new constitution, constitutional amendment, law, recall of an elected official or government policy. A form of democracy.
Metayer The system of cultivating land for a proprietor such as a king.
"Night of August 4" The National Assembly was forced to move quickly, each delegate proposed a new way to surrender class privleges. The clergy and nobility gave up their exemption to taxation. By the end of this month feudalism was dead.
Olympe de Gouges Originally Marie Gouze. She was a play writer and political activist with feminist and abolitionist views. She wrote political pamphlets, argued for freedom of slaves in the colonies, and fought for equality of men and women.
National Convention The constitutional and legislative assembly that met on September 20, 1792 to October 26, 1795. It held complete power during the French First Republic. Some of the initial leaders include: Robespierre, Club, Marat, and Danton.
"Thermidorean Reaction" It was a revolt during the French Revolution, against the "reign of terror." It lead to the execution of Robespierre and several members of the Committee of Public Safety.
Battle of Valmy This was the first major victory of the French Army during the French Revolution on September 20, 1792, the day the Nation Convention began meeting. They won at Valmy in Champagne-Ardenne, preventing Prussia from reaching their capitol, Paris.
Fouche First name Joseph, often translated to Duke of Otranto. He was a French statesman and Minister of Police under Napoleon Bonaparte.
Created by: ikatie