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Stack #78287

algia pain
vas/angi vessel
arteri artery
bili bile
cardi heart
cephal head
encephal brain
onc tumor
path disease
oste bone
chondr cartilage
thrombo platelet
cry cold
cyst bladder
pulmon lung
lip fat
scler hard
ren kidney
nephr kidney
cyte cell
aerobic with air
a/an with
aniso unequal
anti against
bi two
semi half
dist difficult
endo wiithin
epi over
homeo some
macro large
micro small
enter between
poly many
iso equal
neo new
per through
hypo too little
hyper too much
centesis tap, puncture
emia blood condition
isim condition
rhage bursting forth
logist specialist
lysis break down
osis condition
penia diffiency
preop before
postop after
megaly enlargement
The study of the ability or blood to form and dissolve clots Coagulation
PT and PTT are done in the this department Coagulation
This department performs most laboratory tests. Chemistry
The most common chemistry specimen Serum
This department analyzes bodily fluids and tissues for the presence of microorganisms, primarily by means of C & S testing Microbiology
Tests concerned with the structure of the cells Cytology
An area found in larger labs cytogenetics
Reference Lab A large independant laboratory that receive specimens form many different labs
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations A non governmental agency that established the standards of operation of hospitals and other health related facilities.
College of American Pathologists (CAP) A non profit organization for professionals in the field of laboratory medicine
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