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Requirements for AP Euro DBQ

Thesis is appropriate, explicitly stated, and addresses [all] part(s) of the question. Does NOT simply restate the question. The thesis must address ALL PARTS OF QUESTION to earn this point!
The essay discusses at least six document(s) individually and specifically. Documents cannot be referenced collectively. To earn this point, the essay must reference anything in the box, even if used incorrectly.
Student understands the documents by using at least six document(s) appropriately (one major misinterpretation(s) allowed). A major misinterpretation is an incorrect analysis or one that leads to an inaccurate grouping.
Thesis is appropriately supported with appropriate interpretations of at least six document(s); student does not simply summzarize the documents. The documents used in the body of the essay must provide support for the thesis.
Essay analyzes point of view or bias in at least three document(s). Must explain why a particular source expresses the stated view. Attribution alone is not sufficient to earn credit for point of view.
Documents are analyzed by placing them in at least three appropriate group(s). A group must contain at least two document(s) that is/are used correctly and individually.
Expanded core: Having a strong, analytical and comprehensive thesis.
Expanded core: Using all or almost all of the documents.
Expanded core: Using documents effectively and persuasively as evidence.
Expanded core: Showing careful and insightful analysis of the documents.
Expanded core: Analyzing point of view or bias in at least four document(s) cited in the essay.
Expanded core: Analyzing the documents in additional ways, e.g., additional groupings.
Expanded core: Recognizes and develops change over time.
Expanded core: Bringing in relevant "outside" historical information.
Created by: devutaren123