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Oral lesions, infex

CMI - Fall 2011

Sjogren's syndrome involves the triad of what? Swelling of Parotid or Submandibular glands w/ xerostomia and xerophthalmia
What is another word for dry mouth? dry eyes? which syndrome are these usually seen in? Xerostomia, Xerophthalmia, Sjogren's syndrome
Besides the primary triad of Sjogren's syndrome, what other things may be seen? Dry skin, vaginal dryness, change in taste
Primary Sjogren's syndrome? Occurring alone-no other autoimmune d/o's
Secondary Sjogren's syndrome? Occurring in conjunction w/another connec tissue dz, such as Rheu Arth, SLE, Polymyositis
Gender difference of Sjogren's synd? 9f:1M (& usually over age 40)
What is the 1st and 2nd MC rheumatologic d/o's? 1st=SLE, 2nd=Sjogren's Synd
What are some lab results that will be seen in Sjogren's synd? ^ESR, ^Gamma Globulin, Presence of anti-SS-A abs and anti-SS-B autoabs
What is the gold std for Sjogren's synd dx and what will it show? Inside lower-Lip bx; Will show lymphocytic infiltration and ductal hyperplasia
What is a specific test that can be done to test for Sjogrens? Schirmer's Test: Place a pc of filter paper at the lower conjunctival sac and less than 5mm of wetness in 5 minutes is + for sjogrens
What is the genl tx for Sjogrens? Steroids for inflamm and symptomatic tx for eyes and mouth
What is parotitis? Painful swelling of one parotid gland with erythema over the gland
Who is parotitis seen in? Elderly (>60-70)
What will the PE of parotitis look like? Pt looks ill; very painful reddened duct with pus draining from it
A culture of the pus from someone with parotitis will usually show what growing? Staph Aureus
Tx for parotitis? Rehydration, IV ABX, good oral hygiene, if skin overlying gland becomes thin and shiny--gland may need to be surgically decompressed **MUST always admit a pt w/parotitis w/in 24 hrs to begin IV abx
What is the name of the fungal ingfection of the mucous membs of the mouth and tongue? THrush
Who is thrush usually seen in? Very young, elderly -RFs: dentures, poor oral hygiene, pre-existing infec, use of inhaled ster, nutritional deficits, DM, steroids, tumors, chemo, AIDS, abx, pregnancy
WHat is a topical/PO option that can be used for thrush? Nystatin
For thrush, it is best to rinse and spit--what can be done for infants? USe a long q-tip to "paint" the meds on the tongue (bc cant swish and spit)
Inflamm of the tongue is called? Glossitis
What are some causes of glossitis? Anemia, Vit B defic, Irrit, Infex, Poorly fitting dentures, rough teeth, trauma, burns, chewing tobacco, alcohol
Tx for glossitis? Remove irritant, good hygiene, nutrition consult, topical lidocaine (to help w/ eating, sleeping)
What is the name of the viral infection of the mouth charac by crops of small vesicles, ulcers, inflammation? Herpetic stomatitis
WHo is herpetic stomatitis usually seen in? Young - 9mo to 5yo
Etiology of herpetic stomatitis? HSV type 1 > type 2
Antiviral meds can be given in herpetic stomatitis...but why may it not be worth it? May decrs sxs by 1 day, but usually have to take the med 5x/day
When should you tell a pt to expect herpetic stomatitis to resolve? W/in 1-2 wks
What is another name for canker sores? Aphthous stomatitis
Canker sores are more common in who? Kids 10-19 and F>M
Etiology of aphthous stomatitis? UNKNOWN--may be herpes virus? but not always?
Would you be more likely to see a fever in a pt with herpetic stomatitis or aphthous stomatitis? Herpetic stomatitis (aphthous is usually afebrile)
When should pts expect canker sores to resolve? 1-2 wks
What is the name for an infection of the mouth, face, jaw, or throat that begins as a tooth infection or cavity? Dental abscess
What is an easy way to check likelihood of a dental abscess? Pain with tapping on tooth w/tongue blade
What is trismus? Inability to open mouth (d/t pain)
If a dental abscess has ruptured, what should you do? Have pt gargle salt water to remove drainage
Marcaine vs Lidocaine? M = lasts longer
Tx for dental abscess? Pain management, abx, dental block
Created by: ferrier.kath
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