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EPME for E-6

User augmented study guide for EPME test for E-6

The 21 leadership competencies are grouped into the three categories of: Self – understand self & one’s own abilities. Working with others – leader cannot act alone. Performance – takes a high level of performance to meet the challenges in the Coast Guard.
As a supervisor, when standards of conduct come into question, you limitations and responsibilities fall into what three distinct areas? Extra Military Instruction (EMI) Withholding of privileges Search and Seizure
EMI is not to be used as a substitute for what? Judicial (court-martial) Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP)
EMI does or does not deprive the enlisted person of normal liberty? Does NOT!!
Can EMI be assigned after the normal work day? Yes
How many hours per day can EMI be assigned? No more than 2
With regard to withholding privileges, can you as a supervisor, deprive a person of normal liberty as a form of punishment? NO
Can you withhold Special Liberty? Yes
Searches and subsequent seizure of items can be conducted under what two different circumstances? When probable cause exists. When probable cause is not required.
Under court-martial rule #315, in order to perform probable cause searches, a petty officer must be performing the following duties: Military Police Guard Shore Patrol Investigative Duties
What CG form is for administrative remarks? CG-3307
How many types of Administrative Remarks are there? 7
What manual contains all the information and requirements concerning enlisted advancement? COMDTINST M1000.6 Coast guard Personnel Manual, Chapter 5, Section C
Who is responsible for assisting their people with the enlisted advancement system? Supervisors
Who is responsible for the overall administration of the enlisted advancement system? Personnel Command
Members advanced to E-7 on or after 01 JAN 99 must successfully complete what in order to compete on the E-8 SWE? The Chief Petty Officer Academy or other DOD senior enlisted academy.
What is the difference between being “frocked”, and being “promoted”? When a member is frocked he/she assumes the new rank but doesn’t receive the higher pay rate until the advancement is actually released.
Why is frocking used? Clearly establish member’s position when reporting to another agency/service for duty. Ensure individual is assigned gov’t qtrs commensurate with rate he would be serving. Establish individual’s stature, thereby enhancing ability to carry out duties.
Who has the sole authority to frock enlisted personnel? Commandant designated CGPC-epm-2
An award recommendation is formalized and submitted on what form? CG1560
How many steps are there to preparing an award recommendation? 7
What are the USCG’s three goals/objectives for the Substance Abuse Prevention Program? Reduce incidence of substance/alcohol abuse by USCG members. Detect & separate those who abuse, traffic, or possess drugs. Facilitate the rehabilitation of active members for further useful service.
(T/F) An alcohol situation is an occurrence where alcohol is involved or present, but is not the causative factor for a member’s undesirable behavior or performance. True
An alcohol incident involves any of the following three behaviors: Loss of ability to perform assigned duties. Brings discredit upon the service. A violation of UCMJ, Federal, state, or local laws where alcohol is determined to be causative or significant factor.
A member involved in an alcohol incident is screened the _______ time it occurs? First Second Third Fourth First
What is the primary source of information for units when implementing a Civil Rights Program? COMDTINST M5350.4 (series) Coast Guard Equal Opportunity Program Manual
All units with at least ____ people are required to have a Human Relations Council (HRC). 25 or more full time billets.
The Human Relations Council (HRC) serves as an active vehicle through which the CO is kept in formed of _________ matters within his unit. Civil Rights
How often are members required to receive Sexual Harassment Prevention training? Annually
Coast Guard Selected Reserve (SELRES) are generally authorized how many IDT drills and how many ADT days per fiscal year? 48 paid IDT’s (Inactive Duty Training) 12 paid ADT’s (Active Duty Training)
A reservist who is not classified as either SELRES or IRR is considered in what status? Standby Status – these have mobilization potential.
What is the DPRI? Directives, Publications and Reports Index COMDTNOTE 5600
What is the DPRI used for? It is a listing of publications in use by the Coast Guard.
How are publications listed in the DPRI? Both numerically and alphabetically.
How many chapters are there in the DPRI? 7
If unable to find a particular publication from the DPRI website, what is your next step? Locate the sponsor from CHP 2 or 3 of the DPRI.
How many steps are there to the ORM process? 7
(T or F) Risk management is a continuous process. True
List the seven steps in the ORM process in order. Define Mission Tasks Identify Hazards Assess Risks Identify Options Evaluate Risk vs. gain Execute Decision Monitor Situation
How is a mishap defined? An unplanned, unsought event or series of events that may result in death, injury, or occupational illness to Coast Guard / Non-Coast guard personnel as a result of a Coast Guard operation.
What two main purposes to Mishap reports serve? Initiate corrective action to prevent future similar mishaps. Improve USCG operational readiness & efficiency by reducing unplanned posses due to mishaps.
Mishaps are classified by the severity of the mishap, how many levels are there? Four, Class A Class B Class C Class D
Class A mishaps are those in which have what characteristics? $1M or greater reportable property damage. Injury or occupational illness results in a fatality or permanent total disabililty.
How do you determine a Class B mishap? Over $200K less than $1M damaged property. Injuries/illness results in permanent partial disability. 5 or more people “in-patient” hospitalized.
If the cost of property damage is less than $10K or a person is overboard or firearm is accidentally discharged, this is classified as what type of mishap? Class D
A class C mishap must have at least what characteristics? Property damage more than $10K but less than $200K. Non-fatal injury or illness results in loss of time from work beyond the day on which it occurred.
Class A & B mishap boards are normally appointed by who? Commandant (G-KSE)
Class C & D mishap boards are normally conducted at what level and by who? Unit level with the Unit Safety Board.
Material gathered during a mishap board falls into what two classifications? Category I: Privileged Material Category II : Non-privileged Material
What are Macros designed for? To simplify the process for creating a document for official Coast Guard correspondence.
What is the primary type of letter used in the Coast Guard? The business letter
What are the two main reasons for writing a business letter in the Coast Guard? Correspond with a non-federal agency / person. Offer a more personal approach to someone in the USCG, DHS, or DOD.
What information must be included on all correspondence in the Coast Guard because it serves as the file number? (SSIC) Standard Subject Identification Code
Created by: Et2Gervais
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