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Bed Making, Ulcers

what does a properly made bed supply? comfort, protection
what are the accordion type pleats? fan-folding
what are mitered corners used for? to hold linen firmly in place
Body Mechanics observed to prevent injury and conserve energy
what are the 3 types of beds? closed, open, occupied
after bed making to ensure patient saftey... side rails, lower bed, call button, aera clean neat
supine lie on back
prone lie on stomach
sims on side, knee bent
fowlers on back with HOB elevated
trendelenberg lying supine with head lower then feet
common sites for ulcers coccyx, hip, knee, ankles, heel, elbow
Stage 1 ulcer red or blue grey discoloration on intact skin, treatable
stage 2 ulcer abrasions and or open sores develop as a result of tissue damage to top layers of skin
stage 3 ulcer deep open crater forms when all layers of skin are gone
stage 4 ulcer damage extends into muscle, tendon, bone tissue
prevention of ulcers good skin care,good nutrition, cleaning of urine and feces, frequent turning (every 2 hrs), wrinkle free linens
treatment of ulcers keep aera clean and free of pressure, debridement of necrotic tissue, antibiotics,surgery
decubitus ulcers aera of skin that breaks down, caused by prolonged pressure on an aera that interferes with circulation
Created by: RosalieHawkins
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