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Nutrition 4

vitamins and minerals

Four general characteristics of vitamins and minerals no caloric value, provided in sufficient amounts in a well balanced diet, lost or destroyed through improper storage, help regulate body functions
Fat soluble vitamins A,D,E,K
Avitaminosis disease due to lack of vitamins caused by dietary lack of problems with absorption or an increase in the body's needs.
Hypervitaminosis Toxicity caused by an excessive amount of vitamins.
hypervitaminosis is due to..... Increase in supplements
vitamin deficiencies are caused by dietary lack, problems with absorption, or increase in body's needs.
fat-soluble vitamins are stored in the liver
Three factors affecting the body's utilization of fat-soluble vitamins not absorbed properly unless sufficient fatty foods are eaten, lost in foods not properly stored, not absorbed if used of mineral oil or laxative near meal time.
water-soluble vitamins vitamin c, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12,, Biotin, Folic Acid
water solute vitamins are excreted by the body through Urine
Which water-soluble vitamins is stored in the body and where is it stored? B12, liver.
Which vitamin should be increased in cigratte smokers vitamin c
Major function of Vitamin A vision
Three sources of Vitamin A retinol liver, milk, yellow vegetables, fruits
Deficiency of vitamin A causes night blindness, keratosis.
Vitamin A is eaisly destroyed by heat & light. FAts are left in heat and become______. Cooking in an open pot is more destructive than__________. Rancid,heating with a lid.
What is the major function of vitamin D regulation of calcium & phosphorus meatabolism
natural source of vitamin D Sunlight
Which dairy products if fortified with vitamin D milk
Three sources of Vitamin D other than sunlight fish oils, liver, egg yolk
A deficiency of vitamin D causes_______in children and ________ in adults. ricketts, osteomalacia
An excess of vitamin D could cause the formation of__________ due to increased calcium absorption. Renal calculi
the best source of vitamin E vegetable oil
the functions of vitamin E are: prevents destruction of RBC's, helps stabalize cell membrane.
The sources of Vitamin K dark green leafy vegetables, liver, dairy products
the major function of vitamin k is blood clotting
a deficiency of vitamin k leads to hemorrhaging
vitamin k is produced in the________by_______. intestine, bacteria
which age group is most likely to be deficient in vitamin k? newborn infants
vitamin A retinol
Vitamin D calciferol
Vitamin E Tocopherol
Vitamin K menadione
vitamin B1 thiamine
Vitiman B2 riboflavin
Vitamin B6 pyridoxine
Vitamin B12 Cobalamin
Vitamin C ascorbic acid
Vitamin B3 Niacin
Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid
the functions of thiamine are: metabolism of CHO, normal appetite/digestion, proper nerve function
the very best source of thiamine is_______. Other good sources are_____,______,_______, and________. whole grains, liver, pork, wheat germ, yeast.
two groups of patients most likely to have a deficiency of thiamine are alcoholics, kidney pts.
Riboflavin is another name for B2
The best sources of riboflavin are _______,______and________. whole grain cerals, green leafty vegetables, milk.
Riboflavin deficiencies is manifested by_____ in the corners of the mouth, ________ weight and appetite,________in the eyes, ________ if the lips and tongue. cracking, loss of, changer, inflammation.
Pyridoxine in vitamin B 6
It is virtually important in the transmission of nerve impulses
Give two times when the need for B6 increases pregnancy, periods of stress
the best source of pyridoxine is_______ and __________. whole grain cerals, organ meats
Which disease causes a deficiency in B6 TB
vitamin B12 is also called cobalamin
B12 is important in the___________ of normal RBC. production
A condition associated with B12 deficiency is perniclous anemia
what substance in necessary for the absorption of B12 intrinsic factor
useful in lowering blood cholesterol niacin
where is niacin found organ meats, breads, cerals, nuts, lugumes, and yeast.
a deficiency disease not commonly seen in the US and is assiocated with three symptoms which are pellagra, diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia
Folic acids helps in the formation of______, a structural protein. collagen
what type of vegetables are most likely to contain Folic Acid green leafy
another name for vitamin C ascorbic acid
vitamin c functions in _____and____ healing. wound & tissue
vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy
the best source of vitamin c are citrus fruits
vitamin c is needed for the proper absorption of iron
minerals are classfied are major or trace
the minerals most frequently found to be lacking in the american diet are________and______. calcium and iron
the three periods of greatest need for calcium are pregnancy, lactation, childhood
four functions of calcium are healthy bones and teeth, muscle contraction & relaxation, regular heart contractions, blood clotting
osteormalacia softening of the bones
which vitamin in necessary in the absorption of calcium vitamin D
Phosphorus is found mostly in bones and teeth
besides dairy products, phosphorus is found in high amounts in carbonated soft drinks
interferes with phosphorous absorption antacids
although iron is present only in small amounts in the body, it is of great importance. The function of iron is: to carry O2 to the tissue
The best source of iron liver
A deficiency of iron results in anemia
Iodine is used by the body in the thyroid gland
A deficiency in iodine results in goiter
Three functions of potassium are: acid/base balance, heart function, nerve impulse conduction, fluid balance.
Potassium deficiency causes ______and______. muscular weakness, cardiac symptoms
What class of drugs is closely associated with potassium deficiency? diuretics (fluid pills)
the functions of sodium include: fluid balance, acid-base balance, proper functioning of nerve & muscle tissue.
Foods from_______sources are higher than those from____sources. animal, plant
excessive ingestion of sodium can cause edema/swelling
the daily sodium requirements is 1-3 grams.
chloride needed for acid production in the stomach
fluoride prevents dental decay
magnesium needed for nerve impulse conduction
selenium structure of enzymes
sulfur structure of proteins
zinc required for proper insulin function.
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