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Advanced Dining Room

The dinner fork is placed where, in relation to the place setting? On the left
The dinner knife is placed where, in relation to the place setting? On the right, blade facing in. (Closest to the plate.)
The spoon is placed where, in relation to the place setting? On the right, outside of the knife.
Forks used for shellfish Fish forks
Where is the butter knife placed? On the B&B, to the left of the plate setting.
Fish forks are place where, when used for an appetizer On the right of the place setting.
Identify the place settings on the slide (a) Charger(b) Butter Plate(c) Dinner Fork(d) Fish Fork(e) Salad Fork(f) Dinner Knife(g) Fish Knife(i) Soup Spoon or Fruit Spoon(j) Shellfish Fork(k) Butter Knife(la) Water goblet(lc) Red wine glass(ld) White wine glass(le) Sherry glass(m) Napkin
If a cocktail fork is required for the entree it's place where? On the left
Spoon used for bouillon and consommes Bouillon Why is it shaped that way?
Potage spoons are used for what dishes? Soups, pastas, and desserts
What is Russian/Silver service? Pro/Con Use of spoons and forks to portion/plate food in front of the guest.
What is a cloche? Silver lid used to cover plates for Russian Service
What is a guéridon? What style of service is it associated with? Decorative cart used to prepare and cook food table-side. French service.
What is French Service? Pro/Con The use of a guéridon to prepare and plate food table-side.
What is American Plated service? Pro/Con Food is plated in the kitchen and delivered to the guest by a server.
What is Brigade service? What other style of service is it associated with? The meal is broken down into different portions and assigned to individual servers. French style service.
The front of the house manager responsible for running the restaurant smoothly. (Brigade Service) Maître'd
Responsible for cooking food table-side and entertaining the guests. (Brigade Service) Chef de Rang
Responsible for serving the food and first course drinks. (Brigade Service) Commis de Rang
Responsible for presetting the flatware, firing tickets in the kitchen, and serving the food. (Brigade Service) Commis de Suite
Responsible for presentation and service of wine. (Brigade Service) Sommelier
Responsible for serving bread and water in addition to clearing and crumbing the table. (Brigade Service) Débarasser
Created by: brookeburgess