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Vocabulary SAT Words

abhor hate or loathe
censure to condemn in a stern fashion
chastise to scold or crticize severly
coerce to force something his or her will; physical or through some kind of threat
efface to erase or wear away
inundate to flood or overwhelm
patronize to tlak down to or treat in a condescending way
repudiate to reject, disown, or disclaim
vacaillate to move back and forth between two opinions or choices; unable to make descision
acquisce to give in, or agree, peaceabaly in a reluctant way
ameliorate to make something better; to improve a bad situation
benevolent showing goodwill; being kindhearted or good-natured
eminent distinguished; higly respected, well-known
esteem the high opinion in which someone is held
facilliate to make easier; to the smooth way
magnanimous generous; big-hearted, noble
prolific producing a great deal
scrupulous thorough or ethical
serene calm and peaceful
ambiguous unclear, vague; having several different possible interpretations
amorphous without form, shape, or deffinition; sometimes also without character
arbitrary according to choice or impulse; wihtout a rational reason
austere stern, plain, severe, self-denying; without luxeries
banal boring, dull
capricous to change on whim
chronic constantly, habitual
dubious doubt, uncertain outcome
egregious extrordinary in a bad way
novel new, not seen before
reticent reluctent or restrained, not speaking
wanton wreckless, unrestrained
anachronism something that is out of place in time
anomaly something that doesnt fit in with the norm or within particular group
criteria standards used to make a judgement
exacerbate to make problem or condition worse
expedient practical; done to gain advantage
intrepid brave, daring
juxtapose to place two things side by side, usually in order to compare them
negligence neglect, carelessness
propensity strong natural tendency, preference
proponent advocate
quixotic overly idealistic; romantic and impractical
Created by: rbeerck
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