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The Congress of Vienna...

What did Robert Steward, Viscount Castlereagn do for the thrid coalition? he made the Treay of Chaumont which restored the Bourboons and agreed the allience would hold together for twenty years
When did the Congress of Vienna meet? September 1814
When did the Congress of Vienna close? Novmeber 1815
Due to France, what did te congress decide? 1)no single state should dominate Europe, especially France 2)The bourbons and boundry settlement could keep France calm
What did the Congress of Vienna do to strengthen the countries bordering France? 1)Created new Netherlands kingdom with Belgium, Luxemburg, Port of Genoa, and Piedmont 2)Prussia gained Rhine River 3)Austria gained northern Italy 4)Left Germany untouched
What rules did the Congress of Vienna establish after the new territory agreements? They established: 1) Rule of legitimate monarchy 2)rejected both Republican and Democratic policies
Why did Austria not want to give their part of Poland to Russia? They feared Russia would have to much control in Central Europe
What were the outcomes of Telleyrand's suggesting of adding France to great powes? 1)Alexander gave Saxony to Prussia for small part of Poland 2)France was included in Great Powers
How was Napoleon able to regain power in France when he returned from exile? His army and subjects were still lyal and the coalition was dissolving in Vienna. He also promised a liberal constitution and peacful foreign policies
What did the Allies do inorder to remove Napoleon a Second time? They declared him an outlaw then sent Wellington's army combined with the Prussian army led by Field Marshal von Blucher whom defeated Napoleon at Waterloo in Belgium on June 18, 1815
Where was Napoleon exiled to for his second exile from France? Staint Helena Island off of Africa
What did Alexander propose after the Hundred Days of Napoleon? A Holy Allience which was a symbol of extreme political reaction. it was signed by Austria, Prussia, and Russia
On November 20, 1815, what goals did the Congress od Vienna set? 1)Renew Quadruple Alliance 2)Become a coalition for Peace 3)show importance of peace in european affairs 4)prevent wars 5)make treaies secure peace 6)stabalize France 7)respect settlement of Vienna
Which goals did the Congress of Vienna achieve? 1)France accepted new situation 2)Treaties were agreed by states not monarchs and last after monarch 3)countries looked at ways to benefit natural resources, economies, education systems, and growth in other areas that would benefite them as a group
Why was it unfair for the Congress of Vienna to be criticized for not preparing for Democracy and Nationalism? The congress was focused on fixing the mess that was created and to secure peace which they did because they prevented war for a hundred years
Created by: Cianci