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Europe's Response to the Empire

The great German writers of the Enlightenment, such as who, were neither deeply politically engager nor nationalistic? Immanuel Kant and Gotthold Lessing
Basic feature of the Romantic Movement... The emergence of nationalism
The French conquest endangered what of all German-speaking people? The independence and achievments
German princes were criticized by nationalistsfor doing what? Ruling selfishly and ineffectively and seeming ready to lick Napolean's boots
Neither of these reformers intended to reduce the aitocratic power of the Prussian monarch or to end the dominance of the Junkers Baron von Stein and Prince von Hardenberg
In Prussia, who ensured that vestiges of the serfdom system survived? The Junkers
THe Prussian reformers did what to remedy the merit over the birth situation? They abolished inhumane military punishments, sought to inspire patriotic feelings in the soldiers, opened the officers corp to commons, gave promotions on the basis of merit and organized war colleges that developed new theories of strategy and tactics
Who cut lines of communication, killed stragglers, destroyed isolated units and then disappeared into the mountains? Guerrilla Bands
What was the result of the Peace of Schonbrum? It deprived Austria of much territory and 3.5 million subjects
Russian nobles disliked the what alliance because of the liberal politics of France because the Continental System prohibited timber sales to Britain? France-Russian Alliance
The organization of what as a Napoleonic Satellite on the Russian doorstep and its enlargement with Austria territory in 1809 after the Battle of Wagram angered Tsar Alexander The Polish Duchy of Warsaw
End of 1810 Russia withdrew from the Continental System and began to prepare for war
Who amassed an army of more than 600,000 men, including a core of French men and more than 400,000 other soldieres drawn from the rest of the empire? Napolean
What eroded the morale of Napolean's army? Terrible rains, fierce heat, shortages of food and water, and the courage of the Russian rear guard
At where was the bloodiest battle of the NApoleanic era cost the french 30,000 casualties and the Russians almost twice as many? Borodino
Napolean addressed several peace offers to Alexander, but... the tsar ignored them, after Napolean captured the burned city of Moscow
NApolean left for Paris, leaving how many of the original 600,000 soldiers alive? 100,000
Although Napolean and his generals were tired, they still managed to defeat who in Central Europe? Dresden
In October the combined armies of the enemy decisively defeated Napolean at where in the Battle of the Nations? Leipzig
In March 1814 the allied armies marched into Paris
Created by: Cianci