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patients rights patients bill of rights
all personnel must respect and honor these rights
long term care facilities post residents bill of rights
Advance Directives for HC aka legal directives
DNR no cpr
2 main directives Living Wills, Durable power of attorney
must be signed by the pt/POA and 1-2 witnesses
signed when pt is complete & witnessed by individual individual who cant benefit
they want or do not want in the event that they become incapable and unable to express their wishes
POA power of attorney
provieds standard of conduct
many ethical delimas b/c medical advancmentrs
professionals have___ code of ethics to career specific
def or char false statments about person that can damage rep
slander spoken
libel written
false imprisonment restraning a person from freedom
abuse physcal harm or pain
contracts agreement between 2 or more people
implied understood w/o verbaly expressed clear terms
no english must have interprator
informed consent permission given after risks explianed
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