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The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, The Consulate in France, and Napoleon's Empire

What did the antimonarchist Directory do to perserve the republic and prevent a peaceful restoration of the Bourbons? It staged a coup d'etat on September 4, 1797 and sent Napoleon to Paris to ensure its success.
What did the Treaty of Campo Formio in October 1797 do? The treaty took Austria out of the war between France against Ausrtia and Britain.
Instead of invading Britain, what did Napoleon do? He attacked British interests by capturing Egypt, he overran it easily, but the invasion was a failure.
Who was in the Second Coalition? The Russians, Austrians, and the Ottomans joined the British against the French.
What did Abbe Sieyes want to do with the French government? He want an executive body independent of the whims of electoral politics. This required a second coup, and on November 10, 1799, Napoleon's troops again ensured its success.
What did the Constitution of the Year VIII do? this established the power of the First Consul, Napoleon.
What did the Treaty of Amiens do? Britain was alone in the war against France because Austria and Russia were takenn out, so this ended the war and brought peace to Europe.
How did Bonaparte restore order in France? He used generosity, flattery, and bribery to win over his enemies. However, he ruthlessely supressed opposition.
What did the Concordat concluded with Pope Pius VII do? This required both the refactory clergy and those who had accepted the revolution to resign, replacements by pope, but govt. chose bishops. Also the church gave up its claims to its confiscated property.
Napoleonic Code, or the Civil Code of 1804 This safeguarded all forms of property and tried to secure French soceity against internal challenges.
How did Napoleon defend making himself emperor in 1804? he argued that establishing a dynasty would make the new regime secure and make further attempts on his life useless.
When Britain declared war on France, who joined in the Third Coalition started by William Pitt the Younger? Russia and Austria
Who won at the Battle of Trafalgar on October 21, 1805? The British admiral Lord Nelson destroyed the combined French and Spanish fleets off thge coast of Spain.
What did the Treaty of Pressburg do? France won major concesions from Austria and they withdrew from the war leaving Napoleon in control of everything north of Rome.
What did the Berlin Decrees of Novemeber 21, 1806 do? Napoleon forbade his allies from importing British goods.
What the Treaty of Tilsit signed by Tsar Alexander I and Napoleon do? Prussia lost half its territory and Prussia openly and Russia secretly became allies with Napoleon.
How did Napoleon plan to cut off all British trade with the European continent? He used the Milan Decree of 1807 which attempted to stop neutral nations from trading with Britain.
Created by: Cianci