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what is a Gaul? Gaul was a roman province in the late 4th and early 5th century which is now called France.
what is a Wergild ? Wergild is a fine paid for stolen property,injured or murdered person depending on how much the person was worth
What is a Salic Code? The salic code was the way the franks determined how much a penalty would cost
What were portents? A portent is some kind of sign or warning for event that are bound to happen.
what is social class? social class is where people were divided in groups depending on their wealth
who is charlemagne? charlemagne was the king of the franks and a holy roman emperor.
what are missi dominici? Missi dominici is the plural word of missus dominicus. Missi dominici were court officials appointed by charlemagne.
What is the carolingian Empire The carolingian Empire was an empire that Charlemagne built.
what is a renaissance The renaissance were agents that worked for Charlemagne ("the lords messengers"). These messengers made sure people were treated right.
Who and what were celtic peoples ? celtic peoples was people who were part of the western European culture which included the Scottish,Irish,welsh,Cornish and bretons.
what are anglo saxons? Anglo saxons were farmers who lived in small villages where men and women shared the hard work of agriculture.
what is an epic? An epic is a long poem which told heroic stories and events.
What is beowulf? Beowulf is the story of an Scottish man named Beowulf and his battles with three monsters
Who was st. patrick? St.Patrick was a patron saint who brought Christianity and a healthy respect to learning.
What are monks? Irish monks preserved cultural stories or legacies.
Waht is parchment? Parchments are sheets of dried sheep skin that was used in pages of books.
Who were the vikings? Vikings were scandinavian sailors who robbed southwestern parts of europe.
What is danegeld? Danegeld was a payment collected by the vikings that the people would have to give in order to live.
What is a fjord A fjord is a long narrow salt water bay with high cliffs along the sides.
what is a skald A skald was someone who recited stories word for word and were very important because the preserved the viking culture.
what are thralls? Thralls were slaves of land owners. They were forced to do hard work on farms. Thralls were sold by other landowners.
what is a thing? a thing was a parliament where free adults could give their opiniions on inportant matters.
what was an outlaw? An outlaw was not considered a citizen which meant you could be killed by anybody . That person who kills you can nhave part of ypur land.
What is a vassal? A vassal is one who swears their loyalty to their lord. Or in other words fight for their lord when needed.
What is a feudal contract? a feudal contract is the bargain between a lord and his vassal.
What is a housecarl? A housecarl was a soldier.
What is a cavarly? A cavarly is a soldier on a horseback.
What is a prpaganda A propaganda is to spread beliefs or opinions and even sometimes by lieing.
What is a opus anglicum? An opus aglicum was embroidery sewn by ladies which told stories and heroic events.
What is an alegiance? An alegiance means loyalty.
What is homage? A homage is a formal acknowledgment.
Waht is thatching? Thatching is when people use special grass to build roofs.
What is sustainable? Sustaiable means to keep going year after year without deteriorating.
What is fallow? Fallow is a field out of three and the fallow one is left aside and is the one ploughed but unseeded.
Created by: Nicolekhoo
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