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AP European.H.

Chapter 13 Terms

Renaissance French = Rebirth , used by Giorgio Vasari
Major Arts Painting, Architecture, Sculpture
Communes sworn associations of free men seeking complete political and economic independence from local nobles
Oligarchy Small group that ruled a city and its surrounding countryside
Popolo Common People in ITALY
Condottieri Military leaders who later took the political power
Signori One man rules and hands doewn the power to his son
THE PRINCE BY Niccolo MAchiavellu. main character CESARE BORGIA... About political power: how a ruler should rule , gain , maintain and increase his power
Girolamo Savanorola Religious leader of Florence , predicted French invasion . But got excommunicated and executed people stopped supporting him
Humanism anyone who would be considered educated and civilized.
Individualism stressed personality, uniqueness,genius, and full development of one’s capabilities and talents
The Courtier By Castiglione ....: treatise sought to train, discipline, and fahion the young man into the courtly gentlemen
Secularism concern with the material world but not eternal world of spirit
Christian Humanism A blend of Italian changes (Renaissance) and Christian ideals ---> emerged in Northern Europe
Utopia By Thomas More. "Nowhere" A perfect world is depicted
The praise of Folly Written by- Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam Exlplains Christian faith of Children and its is critical edition of the Greek New Testament
Johan Gutenberg Invented the printing press
- Bourgeoisie Working middle class
Alberti, Leon Battista Individualism supporter . Thirst for fame , the quest for glory, a driving ambition and burning desire shaped his life... Saw women in low category and praised them by comparing women to men at most
Buonarroti , Michelangelo One of the most famous Renaissance sculptors.. - Michelangelo’s work on Saint Peter’s Basilica is his greatest work
Castiglione, Baldassare He wrote "The Courtier"; a guide for men who wanted to be like court gentlemen in everyway
Christian Humanism Northern Humanist ( Northern Renaissance men ) , interpereted Italian ideas about and attitudes toward classical antiquity,individualism, and humanism in terms of their own traditions. They developed a program for broad social reform based on Christianity
Da Vinci , Leonardo A Renaissance men. Painter, sculptor etc. Drew Vitruvian Man and became famous even though he was from an artisan family. He is Italian
della Mirandola , Pico He wrote " On the dignity of men " and says that humans are between angels and beasts . He is a Florentine write and humanist
Donatello A famous Renaissance sculptor and he is from Florence too.
Durer Albrecht He was German and he is the greatest artist of Northern EUrope . He used classical motifs in his works
Desiderius Erasmus - Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam ; Wrote “The praise of Folly” • Education for intellectual improvement • Education= study of scriptures , bible, classics. Ideas spread cuz of Printing Press.
Ferdinand of Aragon Married Isabella to unite the Iberian peninsula. Revived "hermandades" : violent police forces in provinces."Catholic King of Spain" title .
Court of Star Chamber The room had start on the ceiliing (name comes from there ) They used Roman law -- Contradicted with English law but reduced aristocratic trouble makers
New Christians AKA Conversos; Jewish people who converted by Spanish force . They were educated and they held really high positions in government and society
Isabella of Castile Married Ferdinand for political unification in Iberian peninsula. She and Ferdinand started SPanish Inquisition.
Jews They were seen as sinners, were forced to convert to Christianity and they were really educated and wealthy people so no one liked them and people blamed them for Black Death
Henry VII - Henry VII brought peace and revived trade ; died in 1509 but left a domestically and internationally peaceful country, a respected majesty, and a treasury
Julius II His papacy was marked by an active foreign policy, ambitious building projects, and patronage for the arts."Fearsome Pope"
Louis XI He was French king for 22 yrs. He was called the "The Spider Kings " because of his intrigues and plans. He had lots of enemies
Niccolo Machiavelli Wrote THE PRINCE
Medici Family Wealthy family of Florence . They ruled cruelly but they were very concerned with showing of their power and wealth so they decorated their houses and private chapels with most beautiful art,sculpture and architecture
More, Sir Thomas - Thomas More , English lawyer, he was Christian and educated his family in Latin and Greek … wrote UTOPIA(nowhere)  perfect world • Thought greed for wealth and luxury was the main reason for civil disorder
Northern Renaissance More religious . Place of Christian Humanists. It was influence by Italian renaissance so it started later than Italy
On the Dignity of Man Written By Desiderius Erasmus
Petrarch Francesco Had very similar ideas with Erasmus . He is the " Father of Humanism " acc. to wikipedia
Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges asserting the superiority of a general council over the papacy, giving the French crown major control over the appointment of Bishops and depriving the pope of French ecclesiastical revenues.
Santi , Raphael an Italian painter and architect of the High Renaissance. His work is admired for its clarity of form and ease of composition and for its visual achievement of the Neoplatonic ideal of human grandeur.
Secularism Splitting the politics from religion. A less religious life meaning more materialistic or earthly
Spanish Inquisition By Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain. Converted Muslims and Jews with force; killed them or expelled them if they didnt convert
Utopia Written by Sir Thomas More ; a perfect and absolutely peaceful place meaning nowhere since there is no such place. Perfect world is depicted as the main theme in the book
de Valla Lorenzo - Lorenzo Valla says pleasures of senses are highest good and he wrote “On the False Dontaion of Constantine” . Father of modern historical criticisim
War of the Roses - Wars of the Roses : civil war in England between York and Lancaster houses. Yorkists won later.
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