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A&P I Lincoln

Chapter 5 Review from Quiz

Anatomy is the study of Structure of the Human Body
Physiology is the study of Functions & Systems of the Human Body
The brain is part of the _______ system Nervous System
The kidneys are part of the ________ system Urinary System
Define homeostatis: refers to the body being in balance, with all systems functioning normally
The brain is located in the ________ cavity Dorsal Cavity
What is the basic living units of all organisms? Cells
A body system consists of several __________ that work together to accomplish a set of functions. Organs
The plan that divides the body into upper and lower portions: (a) transverse (b) sagittal (c) frontal (d) midsagittal Transverse
The plan that divides the body into equal right and left halves: (a) frontal (b) midsagittal (c) sagittal (d) transverse Midsagittal
The plan that divides the body into anterior and posterior portions: (a) midsagittal (b) transverse (c) frontal (d) sagittal frontal
anter/o: (a) front (b) back (c) side (d) sagittal front
later/o: (a) middle (b) side (c) above (d) below side
super/o means: (a) above (b) below (c) back (d) near above
proximo/o means: a. near b. away c.below d. front a. near
dist/o means: a. side b. middle c. back d.away d. away
The thyroid is a part of the _____ system Endrocrine Integumentary Muscular Lymphatic endrocrine
Part of the cell that contains genetic material Lyosomes centrioles nucleus cilia Nucleus
Provides energy to the cell: Chromtin Ribosomes Mitochondria Golgi apparatus mitochondria
Part of the cell that functions in protein synthesis: ribosomes endoplastic reticulum cytoplasm none of the above ribosomes
Maintains integrity of the cell nucleus nucleolus cytoskeleton plasma membrane plasma membrane
Which of the following nuscle tissues are involuntary? a. cardiac b. skeletal c. smooth d. both A & C Both A & C
Which of the following muscle tissues lines the walls of th einternal organs and blood vessels? smooth skeletal cardiac all of the above smooth
Vaccination given to babies to prevent bacterial meningitis menactra HIB menigococcal gardasil HIB
superior to the umbilical region epigastric
right and left of the umbilical (region) lumbar hypogastric region
hypogastric inferior to the umbilical
right and left of the hypogastric region iliac epigastric region
umbilical region inferior to the epigastric region
lower back region lumbar
foot pedal
chest thoracic
space in front of elbow antecubital
armpit axillary
cheek buccal
wrist carpal
buttocks gluteal
cutaneous skin
costal ribs
True/False: pagocytosis means ingestion of bacteria by WBC's True
True/False: ATP is a form of energy True
True/False: prophase is the last phase of mitosis False
True/False: DNA, mitochondra, and centrioles replicate during interphase True
True/False: Scurvy is a condition caused replicate during interphase True
True/False: adhesion means abnormal joining of tissues by fibrous scar tissue True
True/False: Lupus is an autoimmune disease True
True/False: sarcoma means malignant (cancerous) growth True
True/False: lipoma is a malignant (cancerous) tumor derived from fat cells True
True/False: Lupus can affect any organ in the body True
What does osteoarthuritis mean? Inflammation of the bone joints
Created by: dwall2674