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Clin Path

Leukocytes: White cell: WBC's
Normal WBC range in dogs 6,000-17,000
Normal WBC range in cats 5,500-19,500
Agranulocytes: Lymphocytes and Monocytes
Granulocytes: Basophil, eosinaphil, neutrophil
Production of Granulocytes: Granulopoeisis
A wbc with a Pleomorphic nucleus monocyte
mononuclear WBC: Lymphocyte
3 WBC's with poylmorphonuclear: *neutrophil 3-5 lobes *eosinaphil 2-3 lobes, * basophil 2 lobes
Def: pleomorphic varying shape; not segmented
Def: Polymorphonuclear segmented
Which WBC is known as PMN? Neutrophil
Which WBC is the first line defender? Neutrophil
Which WBC is increased during allergic reaction? Eosinaphil
What is the least commonly seen WBC? Basophil
Which is largest cell in peripheral blood? Monocyte
3 types of lymphocytes: *T lymphocytes *B-lymphocytes *natural killer cells
2 chemicals that stimulate production of WBC's: Interleukins and Interferons
Granulocyte in order of maturation: *PPSC *Myeloid stem cell *Myeloblast *Promyelocyte *myelocyte *metamyelocyte *band cell *segmented granulocytes
Nutrophil granules are comprised of____ Lysosomes
Eosinaphil granules are comprised of____ antiihystamines
Basophil granules are comprised of____ and ____ Histamine and heparin
Granules are produced by? Golgi apparatus
What cell indicates a increased demand beyond bone marrow production? Band cell
A neutrophil with more than 5 lobes is called a ______ Hypersegmented/ senescence
a cell with 3-5 lobes is a ____ Neutrophil
a cell with 2-3 lobes is a ____ Eosinaphil
a cell with 2 lobes Basophil
Predominant WBC of k-9, fel, horses & humanes? Neutrophil
Predominant WBC of cattle, sheep & gaots? Lymphocyte
The term for engulfing: Phagocytosis
The process of of being attracted to a sight of infection by inflammatory chemicals: Attraction
Plasma protein that coat microorganisms: opsonins
name of pool which blood is sampled: CNP: Circulating neutrophil pool
name of the storage pool where neutrophils line the cell walls: MNP: Marginal neutrophil pool
Relative value calculation: percentage of each cell type during the differential count is multiplied by the total WBC count
The numbers obtained during diff count are___ and have no significant finding. Absolute
What is the primary role of Lymphocytes? Defense
What is the only WBC that recirculates? Lymphocytes
Nucleus become very dense and breaks apart in the tissue(cell death): Pyknosis
What granulocytes will u see on a blood smear? *myelocytes *metamyelocyte *band cell *segmented granulocytes
what cell has a storage supply in the bone marrow and for how long? Segmented neutrophils *5 day supply
at what stage do granules form in granulocytes? Promyelocyte
Primary granules are _____ and secondary granules are_____ *Prim: Non specific *2nd Specific
Neutrophils are ___ microns in diameter 10-12
It takes how long to produce a mature neutrophil? can it be shortened? *3-6 days *yes, causes toxic neutrophils(most significant in dogs)
How long do Neutrophils circulate in the blood? 5-10 hours
How often are neutrophils replaced? q 2 1/2 days
Monocytes convert to macrophage in ___ hrs 72
movement from out of the vessels into the tissue: *Diapedesis
The only time hypersegmented neutrophils will be present in a blood sample: *Old blood sample *Steroid therapy
____ close finistrations inhibits Diapedesis Steroids
Types of steroids: Endogenous: Produce by body Exdogenous: administered
the highest # of neutrophils will be found in the : Lungs, resp tract and GI tract
What is chemostaxis? Chemical movement
Pseudo vacule: Phagosome
Fussion: Lysosomes line up on edge of vacule , fuse with membrane and secrete contents into vacules
Digestion: A respiratory burst
Normal range for segmented neutrophils: k-9: 3,000-11,400 Fel: 2,500-12,500
Normal range for band neutrophils: 0-300 both k-9/fel
Neutrophil counts can ___ and ____ WBC counts increase and decrease
Normal range of circulating/marginal neutrophil pool: K9 *CNP/MNP50 / 50 Fel:CNP- MNP30 / 70
True or False: Neutrophils can pass freely from CNP to MNP True
neutrophils move from MNP to CNP due to vasodialation: Demargination
Bone marrow pool is a storage pool for what type of ____ neutrophils? *segmented *band *metamylocyte *non dividing
Mitotic pools/proliferative pool is storage for what 3 _____ dividing neutrophils? *myeloblast *promyelocyte *myelocytes
Left shift-regenerative: more segmented neutrophils than band neutrophils
Left shift_degenerative: More band neutrophils than segmented neutrophils (bone marrow unable to keep up with demand)
Increase above normal WBC count : Neutrophilia or leukocytosis
bodies natural response to trauma: Inflammation
___ leukogram is the res ult of steriods: Stress leukogram
Extreme neutrophilia ___ml 50,000 ml
Abnormal proliferation of 1 or more types of WBC: Leukemia
____ is the decrease in neutrophils which leads to _____ *neutropenia *leukocytopenia
Severe or sudden drop in neutrophils: Cyclic neutropenia (collies :idiopathic)
Bacteria + toxins: Endotoxemia
Normal eosinaphil range: K-9:100-750ml Fel:0-750ml
Eosinaphils make up __% of total WBC count 0.5
How long does it take to produce a mature Eosinphil? 2-6 days
Eosinaphils circulate in the blood for __ and live in the tissue for ___ *5-18 hrs *1wk
what shape are eosinaphils in k-9 and fel? k-9:Round Fel:rod shaped
what is are Eosinphils primary responsibly? Anti inflammatory response
Eosinaphils will increase in circulation with ___ infestation? parasite
What antibacterial component do eosinaphils have? Myeloperoxidase
What condition involving eosinaphils is most common in cats? Eosinaphilic leukemia
New growth: Neoplasia
What is the rarest WBC seen? Basophil
Basophils circulate in the blood for ___and live in the tissue for ___ *6hrs *2wks
Tumor that Originates in tissue and stays in tissue that are not H20 soluble: mast cell
Mast cell tumors are most prevalent in what areas of the body and what ssp? *lung, skin, Gi tract, uterus *canine
Physiologic leukogram are caused by: Epinephrine release:TWBC increase
Inflammatory leukogram caused by: Inflammation, infectious or non infectious: TWBC increase and decrease
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