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Female reproductive

Anatomy-Female reproductive system by swimifishi

What shape are the ovaries? oval
What do the ovaries produce? exocrine-eggs endocrine-hormones (estrogen)
What are the 3 parts of the female duct system? 1. uterine (fallopian) tubes 2. uterus 3. vagina
Approximately how many immature eggs are within the ovary from the time of birth? 400,000
Until when do these eggs lay dormant? puberty
What are ovarian follicles? sac like structures containing the oocyte and follicular cells
What two structures are found w/in the ovary from the time of birth? (blank)
Degine oocyte a female gametocyte or germ cell involved in reproduction.
What surrounds the oocyte? follicular cells
Define antrum nourishment
As the follicle grows, does the oocyte always grow along with it? no, the corona radiata increases in size
Does timing play a part in the growth (or lack there of) of the oocyte w/in the follicle? yes, the granulosa cells must cover the oocyte and form a stalk to support it.
Define amenorrhea absense of a menstrual cycle
What is the size of the graffian follicle? (blank)
When the graffian follible is developed it is now referred to as an _ _ _ _ or _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ follicle vesicular or graatian follicle
Define ovulation when a mature egg ruptures from the ovary
Oh average how often does ovulation occur in terms of days? 28 days
What is the covering of the ovum called? corona radiata
How is this covering broken down? (blank)
Define capacitation-why is it important? it is the last step of sperm maturation that leads to the fertilization of the egg after ejaculation
List 3 stages of the ovarian follicle development follicular; ovulation; luteal
Name 3 ligaments that support the ovaries suspensory ligaments-secure ovary to lateral wall of the pelvis ovarian ligaments- attach to the uterus broad ligament- a fold of the peritoneum, encloses suspensory ligament
What are fimbriae? Why are they important? finger like projections at the distal end that revieve the oocyte
Fertilization is to the ____ as implantation is to the uterus fallopian tubes
Define an ectopic pregnancy a pregnancy that occurs in the fallopian tubes
5 facts about gonorrhea females: causes yellowish discharge, bleeding during intercourse males: yellowish greenish discharge, pain urinating Leads to Pelvic inflamatory disease and scarring or closing of the fallopian tubes which leads to ectopic pregnancy
Uterus or ____ womb
List 3 functions of the uterus 1. recieves a fertilized egg 2. retains the fertilized egg 3. nourishes the fertilized egg
List the 3 walls of the uterus endometrium-inner layer, allows for implantation of egg, sloughs off if no pregnancy occurs myometrium-middle layer of smooth muscle serous layer- outer visceral peritoneum (perimetrium)
Where does the cervix lead? the vagina
HPV vaccine-What is it? guardacil
HPV vaccine-Why should you get vaccinated (if you are a female)? prevents human papiloma virus which leads to cervical cancer
HPV vaccine-When should females get this vaccine? age 11-26
HPV vaccine-What is HPV (5 facts) (blank)
Birth canal or ___ vagina
Define hymen partially closes the vagina until it is ruptured
External genitalia or ____ vulva
The ___ in the female corresponds to the male penis. It is hooded by the ___, yet unlike the penis, it lacks a ____ ____. clitoris; labia menora; reproductive duct
Define menopause the end of reproductive ability
What two key hormones regulate the "menstrual" cycle? estrogen and progesterone
What are the three stages of the menstrual cycle? menses-functional layer of the endometrium is sloughed proliferation-regeneration of functional layer secretory-endometrium increases in size and readies for implantation
What is the key function of estrogen? enlargement of accssory organs, development of breasts, appearance of pubic hair, increase in fat beneath the skin, widening and lightening of pelvis, onset of menses
What is the key function of progesterone? helps maintain pregnancy
Mammary glands are modified _____ sweat glands
List 4 stages of pregnancy and development 1. fertilization 2. embryonic development 3. fetal development 4. childbirth
Define zygote first cell of a new individual result of fusion of DNA from sperm and egg
define cleavage rapid cell development of the zygote
Define morula solid sphere of 16 or more cells
Define blastocyte 100 or more cells
zygote-time frame: from ___ to ___ 12 hours
Embryo-Time frame: from ___ to ___ start of cleavage-ninth
Fetus-Time frame: from ___ to ___ (blank)
What is the function of the placenta? 1. forms a barrier between the mom and embryo 2. delivers nutrients and oxygen 3. removes waste from embryonic blood 4. becomes an endocrine organ and takes over the corpus luteum-etrogen, progesterone, and other hormones
12 week fetus length? Weight? 6.5 cm 18 grams
16 week fetus length? Weight?
20- week fetus length? Weight? 25 cm 340 grams
24 week fetus length? Weight? 32 cm 500 grams
30 week fetus length? Weight? 40 cm or 15.8 inches 3lbs 11 oz
36 week fetus length? Weight? 50 cm 2500-4500 grams
Define pregnancy period from conception until birth
List 3 anatomical changes that occur during pregnancy 1. enlarged uterus 2. accentuated lumbar structure 3. relaxation of the pelvis ligaments and pubic symphysis
list 4 systems of the body that are affected by pregnancy and give one example of each respiratory-nasal mucosa becomes congested and swollen cardiovascular-body water rises, blood volume increases 25 to 40% gastrointestinal-morning sickness, heartburn, constipation urinary-kidneys have more burden, uterus compresses the bladder
Another word for childbirth is ____ partition
List the 3 stages of labor and define each 1. dilation-cervix dilated, uterine contractions begin and increase, amnion ruptures 2. expulsion-infant passes through the cervix and vagina, normal delivery is head first 3. placental stage-deliver of the placenta
do men go through menopause? Explain. no, they have a steady decline in testosterone
Created by: swimifishi