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Male reproductive

Anatomy- Male reproductive system by swimifishi

What term refers to the primary sex organs? (Both male and female) Gonads
What term is used to identify sex cells? Gametes
What is another word for the female egg? Ova
Testis-Size? 1.5 inch long-1 inch wide
Testis-Shape? Oval
Testis-Function? Produce sperm
Define tunica albuginea "White Coat" Capsule that surrounds each of the testis
Define septa estensions of the capsule that extend into the testis and divide it into lobules
Where are the seminiferous tubules? found in each lobule of the testes
What is the fuction of the seminiferous tubules? function as sperm-forming factories that emplty sperm into the rete testis
Where is testosterone produced? intersitial cells produce androgens such as testosterone
Rete Testis is between the ___ and ___ Seminiferous tubules and epididymus
Epididymus-Function? mature and store sperm cells (at least 20 days)
Edididymus-Location? found on the superiro part of the testis and along to posterior lateral side
Epididymus-Length? nineteen feet
How long does it take the sperm to travel through the epididymus? 20 days
Where is the sperm drawn after it leaves the epididymus? contractions of the muscles in the epididymus walls expel sperm to the vas deferens
What is the pathway of sperm? epididymis ductus deferens urethra
List 3 parts of the male reproductive "duct" system epididymus ductus deferens urethra
Urethra-extends from the base of the ___ to the tip of ___ urinary bladder-penis
List the 3 regions of the urethra Prostatic urethra-surrounded by the prostate Membranous urethra-from prostatic urethra to penis Spongy (penile) urethra-runs the length of the penis
What physically happens to the spongy urethra during sexual excitement? becomes engorged with blood causing the penis to expand and become stiffer and straighter
Where is the seminal vesicle located? base of the bladder
Seminal vesicle (60% volume of___) semen
List three substances secreted by the seminal vesicle fructose (sugar) vitamin C Prostaglandins
define prostaglandin a hormone causing increased blood flow to the penis
Prostate gland-Shape? walnut shaped
Prostate gland-Location? base of the bladder, surrounding the urethra
What blood test is used to detect prostate cancer? PSA- tests the amount of prostate-specific antigen
What are 3 possible symptoms of prostate cancer? problems urinating feeling that your bladder is not empty pain when you orgasm rarely, blood in the urine
What kind of doctor deals with concerns of the prostate gland? urologist
What are 2 key functions of the bulborethral gland? cleanses the urethra of acidic urine serves as a lubricant during sexual intercourse
What substance gives sperm the ability to swim? Where does it come from? semen-a mixture of sperm +accesory gland secretions
Why is sperm alkaline? the alkalinity of semen helps neutralize the acidic environment of the vagina
On average, how much semen is released during ejaculation? half-teaspoon
How many sperm are released on ejaculation? 40 million to 600 million sperm
List the 3 primary accessory organs of the male reproductive organs epididymis ductus deferens urethra
What are 3 external genitalia of the male reproductive system? penis scrotum testicles
What is another name for the cowper's gland? bulborethral gland
At what temperature are the sperm most viable? 3 degrees cooler than body temperature
List 3 regions of the penis shaft glans penis (enlarged tip) prepuce
Define spermatogenesis production of sperm cells which occurs in the seminiferous tubules-process where excess cytoplasm is stripped away and a tail forms
List 5 factors that can cause a decreased sperm count. 1. obstruction of the duct system. 2. Hormonal imbalance. 3. pesticides. 4. excessive alcohol 5. ph imbalance
Created by: swimifishi