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Unit 2 test flashcards for medical interventions class.

Indiscriminate examination of members of a population to detect heterozygotes of serious disorders Carrier Screening
These types of disorders are seen in recognizable patterns, genetic testing looks at a genotype to determine if some one has a disorder, will develop one or is a carrier Single Gene
The complement of an organism’s genes; an organisms genetic material is known as: Genome
segment of DNA that contains instructions for the production of a protein is a(n) Gene
A display of chromosome pairs of a cell arranged by size and shape is a(n) Karyotype
Gene therapy is the alteration of genes of person that has a genetic disorder
recognizes specific DNA sequences and cuts DNA Restriction Enzyme
The process where the double strands of DNA seperate is called Denaturation
an example of gene therapy technology development of a nasal spray that contains copies of the normal gene that is defective in persons with cystic fibrosis
A procedure in which gametes are fertilized in a dish in the laboratory, and the resulting zygote is implanted in the uterus for development In Vitro Fertilization
If a restriction enzyme were to cut a strand of DNA three times, how many RFLPs would show up on a gel 4
DNA was compared between two people. The comparison revealed the presence of a T instead of an A at one location. What can be said about the two DNA segments They contain a SNP
A person does not show any signs of having a disorder that runs in their family. What is the best way to determine if this person is heterozygous for this disorder Carrier Screening
A woman is pregnant with her third child. Her doctor is concerned that the fetus may have an extra chromosome 21. What would be the best method to determine if this is true make a karyotype
The gene-specific primers used in PCR allow amplification when they anneal to the DNA
What is used to visualize and determine a genotype gel electrophoresis
duschene muscular dystrophy is what kind of disorder Sex-Linked
cystic fibrosis is what kind of disorder Autosomal Recessive
huntington’s disease is what kind of disorder Autosomal Dominant
down syndrome is what kind of disorder Chromosomal
leber optic neuropathy is what kind of disorder Mitochondrial
alzheimer’s is what kind of disorder Chromosomal
retrovirus carries what kind of genetic material RNA
adeno-associated virus carries what kind of genetic material Single-Stranded DNA
adenovarus carries what kind of genetic material Double-Stranded DNA
naked DNA carries what kind of genetic material Single-Stranded DNA
herpes simplex virus carries what kind of genetic material Circular Double-Stranded DNA
liposome carries what kind of genetic material Circular Double-Stranded DNA
In assisted reproductive technology, the determination of genetic abnormalities in the embryo before it is transferred to the uterus is known as Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
Karyotypes of an individual are an important diagnostic tool in for these type of disorders. Chromosomal
Parts of the human genome that vary by one nucleotide are called SNP's
Which of the following is NOT a key of successful gene delivery Choosing the proper chromosomes
. A small amount of fluid is withdrawn from a pregnant women’s uterus. The fluid is used to monitor the health of her developing child. What test has been performed? chorionic villus sampling
Taq polymerase is used in PCR because it catalyzes primer formation
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