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Palmer Ch13 AKP

Irredentism Vociferous demand for annexation of regions beyond ones own borders. It is significant because unified Italy looked at places that were outside of their borders, like Savoy. They wanted to continue to unify Italy to include these places.
Nihilism Russian intelligentsia who believed only in science and had a cynical view of the tsar and his zemstvo. It is significant because the nihilists would tour the already dissatisfied villages and “fan” their discontent.
Risorgimento Resurgence. It is significant because the Italians dreamed of a Risorgimento. It resulted in a movement to unite Italy.
Austro-Slavism Political concept aimed to solve problems of Slavs in the Austrian Empire. It is significant because after the Austrian Empire made the Ausgleich with Hungary, Hungarian interests were met and while Slavs suffered horrendously.
Extraterritoriality State of being exempt from the jurisdiction of local law. It is significant because when Japan opened themselves to the world foreigners were subject to extraterritoriality. During the Meiji restoration the criminal code was reformed to abolish it.
Garibaldi Piedmont military and political figure. He was significant because he fought for independence in South America and Europe.
Bismarck Junker statesman whose actions unified Germany and helped it rise to power. He was significant because he helped make Germany a major power.
Zollverein Coalition of German states formed to manage customs and economic policies within their territories. It is significant because it helped to set the groundwork for German unification under Prussian control
Mir Ancient peasant village assembly. It is significant because after the Emancipation Act of 1861, redeemed peasant land got added to the mir. This allowed the peasants to own some of the land in their own right.
Meiji Era First great era of modernization in Japan. It is significant because by modernizing Japan they became a modern nation-state, industrialized, and westernized.
Dual Monarch When two separate kingdoms are ruled by the same monarch, have the same common ministry, but are otherwise self-governing. It is significant because the Austrian Empire and Hungary entered a dual monarchy which raised national and social questions
Peace of Paris 1856 Treaty made from all great powers that agreed to jointly maintain “the integrity of the Ottoman empire”. It is significant because the “Russian tide ebbed a bit” while also seeming to achieve a harmonious international system.
Von Moltke German Field Marshal. He was significant because he successfully planned and led military operations during the Austro-Prussian war and the Franco-Prussian war
Nechaiev Follower of Bakunin who called for terrorism. He was significant because he wrote with Bakunin many pro-terrorist works like the People’s Justice and Catechism of a Revolutionism.
Ausgleich Agreement between the Austrian Empire and Hungary. It is significant because it created a dual monarchy between the Austrian empire and Hungary in which they were all equal. However, this came as a disadvantage to the Slavs
Zemstvo Form of local government that was made during the great liberal reforms performed by Alexander II of Russia. They were significant because they developed civic sentiment and dealt with matters such as education, medical relief, public welfare, etc.
Third Republic Republican government of France established in 1870 after their defeat from the Franco-Prussian war. It is significant because the Third Republic would rule France until its collapse in 1940
Third Section Secret police created in 1826 by Tsar Nicholas I. It is significant because in 1880 Alexander II, in hopes of rallying support, abolished the third section. In 1881, after signing an edict, he was assassinated.
Catechism of a Revolutionism Work written by Bakunin and Nechaiev which encouraged people that no action was wrong or immoral during a revolution, like assassination. It is significant because this work would help to influence terrorism and terrorist societies.
Cavour Prime Minister of Piedmont. He was significant because he made many changes and reforms in Piedmont, like building railroads and cutting down religious holidays, as well as controlling the military.
Bakunin Russian Anarchist who called for terrorism. He was significant because he wrote many pro-terrorist works and influenced many terrorists. Nechaiev and him also inspired groups to form secret terrorist societies like the People’s Will.
Autocracy All power and wealth is controlled by the tsar and are not restricted by law and counterbalanced by a legislative authority. It is significant because the tsar of Russia had autocracy over his/her people.
Slavophilism Belief that Russia was entrusted with a special destiny of its own, which imitation of Europe would only weaken or pervert. It is significant because it influenced many Russians on how Russia should be modeled.
Dominion Group of autonomous policies that were under British sovereignty, constituting the British Empire and British Commonwealth. It is significant because it was the first example of successful devolution, within one of the European colonial empires.
British North America Act Federal constitution of Canada, made by Canadians, that was passed by the British parliament. It is significant because it constitutionally established the Dominion of Canada.
Victor Emmanuel II First king of a united Italy. He was significant because he was the first king of unified Italy
Hohenzollern family Noble family and royal dynasty of Prussia, Germany and Romania. They are significant because the Elms dispatch was about France telling the king of Prussia to not have the Hohenzollern family be candidates for Spain’s throne.
Ems dispatch Telegram of a conversation between Benedetti and the king of Prussia. It is significant because this telegram was sent to Bismarck who condensed and published it to make both sides think they were insulted. France then declared war on Prussia.
Intelligentsia Group of people in Russia who believed that intellectuals should play a big role in society. It is significant because they would embrace philosophies of opposition, terrorist and revolution which would make the government more fearful and repressive
Realpolitik Politics or diplomacy based primarily on practical factors and considerations, rather than ideology or ethics. It is significant because Bismarck was a practitioner of Realpolitik which is shown in some of his actions.
Lassalle Socialist that believed it was possible to improve the working class conditions through the action of government. It is significant because he had many followers in Germany who had an agreement with Bismarck. This helped Bismarck win popular support
Herzen Radical writer in Russia. He was significant because he said that the future of socialism lay in Russia because of the weakness of capitalism in Russia and the existence of collectivism established in village communes
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