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CM1-Fall 2011

70% of the food recalls in 2010 were d/t? Salmonella
Which dz pathogen results from a toxin produced when contaminated food is stored at room temp? Staph aureus (RAPID ONSET)
Which dz pathogen is known as the "cafeteria germ"? Clostridium perfringens -Foods prepared in large quantities, stored at rm temp, not cooled fast enough, kept on steam table too long
Which pathogen dz is known as the "24 hour flu"? Clostridium perfringens
Which dz pathogen is a risk with food canning? Clostridium botulinum
What is important to know about clostridium botulinum? -Neuro symptoms including progressive paralysis of the resp system -CAN BE FATAL
Which pathogen can be in raw meat, fish, eggs, milk and is commonly d/t cross contamination w/ utensils and raw meat, etc Salmonella (multiplies rapidly @ room temp) CAN BE FATAL-elderly and young
E.coli can be transferred person-to-person, what are some characs? -Bloody, watery diarrhea, kidney failure CAN BE FATAL
Which dzs can be fatal? -Clostridium botulinum -Salmonella -E.coli -Listeria
Which pathogen is found in wide game and causes muscle wkness bc it gets into muscles? Trichinosis parasite
Bacteria that survives cold temperatures Listeria monocytogenes, difficult to kill (raw milk, cheese, soil, leafy vegatlbes, food processing environments
Onset 7-30days, HA, Vomiting, fever, Cantaloupe outbreak Listeria
Recommendtaions for pregnancy Avoid raw chees, no unpaerurized milk, no raw/undercooked meat, fish, pultry
Passed by food handlers, self limiting Shigella (human fecal matter)
Shigella sxs diarrhea, bloody stools, abdp pain, fever, 1-3 days onset
raw seafood, oysters Vibrio vunificus
human, water food, hehydration -> death Vibrio cholera
water, ice, human -> human, poor hygene, fruits veggies Hep A Virus, fecal-oral, oral, anal sex
Danger zone temps for bacteria Cold <40 F hot at least >140 F
Time left at room temp max 2 hrs
Large amounts of Folic acid (>1000mcg/day) Can mask sxs of B12 defiency
Constapation diet changes HIGH FIBER!, increase water
Standards for manlnutrition 85-90%: mild, 75-85%: mod, <75% sever of ideal body wt
IBS Diet Soluble fibers may help both C/D, oats, legumes, apples, bananas, berries
Lactose amount to trigger sxs 12g or 1c milk
Lactose intolerance MNT Lactase enzyme replacments, Ca++ SUPPLEMENTS!!
Evaluation for Lactose intolerance Elimination in diet, hydrogen breath test, lactose tolerance test
Steatorrhea diet Low fat diet (25-40g), MCT oil supplements (med, chain Tg's-absorbed like glucose
Celiac dz Diet NO wheat, rye, barley, and oats, often presents when whole foods are introduced
UC MNT oral fluids/lytes, low fiber/residue, add soluble bulking agent to prevent C/D
Monitoring w/UC Zinc: chronic diarrhea, Hgb, HCT
Crohn's Dz diet Lowfiber/residue, highprotein/calorie, low fat, Vit/min replament, May require TPN during bowel rest
Diverticular dz diet CL initially, High fiber, low fat (controversial)
Created by: ferrier.kath
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