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Micro 23 Perinatal

LECOM Micro Ch 23 Perinatal

2nd month infection, low birth weight, deafness, retardation, PDA, cataracts, fetal IgM Ab Rubella
TTP, HSM, retardation, spasticity, microcephaly, fetal IgM Ab CMV
After 4th mo Saddle nose, skin lesions, rhinitis, teeth abnormalities, fetal IgM Syphilis, Treponemal
3rdTri Develop Micro/hydrocephaly/convulsions/chorioretinitis/Liverdx,chord IgM Toxoplasmosis
Increased transmission in the 3rd Trimester HIV, Toxoplasmosis
Poor weight gain, sepsis, thrush, lymphocytic pneumonitis, diarrhea, deveop delays HIV
Abortion, premature delivery, septicemia, granuloma/abscess pneumonia Listeria
Listeria treatment Amp/Gent
Infection in the first 20wks can lead to limb deformities Vericella Zoster Virus
<4 week old presenting ill and ‘septic’ suspect HSV
Opthalmia neonatorum causes Gonococci, Chlamydia, Staph/strep
Virus infection through milk HTLV & HIV
Serious cross infection meningitis bugs Group B beta strep, E. Coli, Gram Negatives
‘scalded skin’ syndrome from Staphylococci
Infection by this of the umbilical stump – Risus sardonicus Clostridium tetani
Created by: csheck