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Nut assess

CM1-Fall 2011

What amount of cal/day should come from proteins? ~10-15%
A high biological value protein contains all essential and non-ess aa's, what are some good sources? *EGGS=highest! -meat -soy -legumes, grains, roots
What is an essential aa? Ones the body cannot make
Minimal glucose needs/day to support brain? 100gm
What amt of kcals/day should come from carbs? From fat? -55% -<30% (<7% sat fat)
How many kcal/kg for maintenance? repletion? M=25-30 R=30-35
RDAs vs AIs? RDAs=amt to prevent defic in healthy ppl AIs=used for nutrients where less info is avail
Vitamin A AKA? Retinol
Vitamin B1, B2? Thiamine, Riboflavin
Vit B6? Pyridoxine
Vit B12? Cobalamin
What are the ABCD's of nutrition? Anthropometric, Biochemical, Clinical, Dietary
Vit B3? Niacin
When should you be concerned about wt loss in a pt? -5% in one month -7.5% over 3 months -10% over 6 months >10#s in 6 mo
Further pt eval @ which BMI levels? >27 or <22
What is the gold std for body fat percentage? Underwater weighing
Low K+ and Mg2+ seen with? Vom and Diarrhea and high fistula losses
Thiamine deficiency is assoc w/? Alcoholism
Which water-soluble vitamin is substantially stored over ~12 mo pd instd of being excreted in urine? Vit B12 - that's why it is supplemented q1 mo if needed, instead of qday
What should be checked in pts w/ suspect anemia? Hct, Hgb, MCV (If MCV NL, then anemia is probably not nutrition-related)
What does ^ MCV mean? and what should be checked in these pts? =Macrocytosis -Check folic acid and B12
People w/ pernicious anemia are deficient in? Intrinsic fx (therefore, cannot absorb B12)
T or F: Serum Ca2+ parallels dietary Ca2+? FALSE: Serum Ca2+ is controlled by PTH, vitD, Calcitonin
What is the storage form of Iron? Ferritin
Iron-deficiency anemia involves? Low hgb, hct, MCV = microcytosis
Which deficiency can lead to severe and non-reversible neuro damage if not detected early? B12 deficiency (also think this-if numbness or tingling of feet)
Which vitamin deficiency involves structural abnormalities in growing bones, esp bowed-legs? Vitamin D = Rickets
What is the deficiency syndrome of Vit C? Scurvy; Bleeding gums is the beginning sign
Vitamin A deficiency involves what kind of problems? Ophthalmic
Condition assoc w/niacin defic is called? Pellagra
What condition involves the "4 D's"? Niacin Defic/Pellagra: -Diarrhea -Dermatitis -Dementia -Death
Kasal's necklace may be seen in which deficiency? Niacin
What is the name of the condition assoc w/ thiamine deficiency? what usually causes this? what are some of the symptoms? "BeriBeri" -Alcoholism -Anorexia, memory loss, muscle wasting, heaviness/wkness of legs..
Which defic involves magenta tongue and cheilosis? Riboflavin defic
Iodine defic is assoc w/ which condition? Cretinism (assoc w/ severe MR and Growth Retardation) -"Neonatal/congenital hypothyroidism" -Women that are iodine def and give birth
What is the condition assoc w/ severe protein energy malnutrition? Kwashiorkor (low oncotic pressure, so fluid moves out into interstitial spaces = edema)
What is the transition diet used bw a liquid and general diet? Soft diet (similar to regular diet, just less fiber/residue)
A problem w/ a full liquid diet is that it is very high in? Fat, dairy, lactose (lactose intol??)
Created by: ferrier.kath
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