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Nov 18 Notes


Stimulant Effects Sweating, increased heartbeat, dilation of pupils, increased body temperature, increased BP, “RUSH”:(feeling of euphoria and powerfulness)
Stimulant problems Respiratory problems.Damaged nasal and bronchial passages.
Cardiovascular stimulant problems Increased heart diseases b/c the first place a drug goes to the heart b/c of the blood vessels carry the drugs.
Liver stimulant problems Damage to liver from metabolizing the drug.
CNS Cocaine is a vasoconstrictor (narrowing of blood vessels)Strokes are a common result. b/c you are not getting the needed blood to the areas.
Freud used cocaine in his research, diluted the value of his research. Proved human beings have a 24 hour cycle in a day. Very embarrassed about his use of it. Thought of it as cure for depression, and cure for opiate addiction.
1800-1900’s Cocaine was thought of as a mild vice.
Hx of Cocaine & Coca Cola did Coke have cocaine in it? YES. 1906 Pure FDA De-cocained the leaves
Nuero T’s and Cocaine massive release of Dopamine AND blocks reabsorption, meaning makes it so the brain can’t “suck” it back up into the synaptic gap.
Cocaine fun-fact Cocaine can “autometabolize” after death. That means it will continue to reduce in potency in the blood even if someone has died. Little enzymes like to eat it up.
Amphetamines first isolated in 1887. Benzedrine (Bennys) were considered a safe alternative to cocaine.
Transition of amphetamines to METH amphetamines synthesized in 1893 in Japan. METH makes it longer lasting, BUT speeds the absorption and potency.
NICOTINE is a stimulant, with some depressant EFFECTS.
NICOTINE After WWI, were distributed to the troops with their meals.
Nicotine use increased By 1960, 52% of males, 32% used tobacco.
Nicotine in 1990 more 6 yr olds could recognize Joe Camel than Mickey Mouse.
Nicotine and content Legally proven in court, tobacco manipulate the nicotine content, THE POTENCY, in cigarette’s to KEEP the smoker ADDICTED.
Nicotine PharmacologyCNS Stimulant or depressant in the short term? it's a stimulants b/c increases heart rate and B/P but...a depressant:Vasodialation and dopamine release will often lower the HR and B/P.
Nicotine short term vs long term use
Nicotine Lethal Dose 60 mg. 1 cig=10mg.
Nicotine and Chemicals There are hundreds of active chemicals in tobacco, there are thousands of chemicals in tobacco after you light it on fire.
Nicotine and cancer Nicotine causes cancer.
Nicotine and withdrawal symptoms A large part of the positive relaxation part of a cigarette is a reduction in acute withdrawal symptoms.
1923 Lung cx was NOT listed as a disease. Were not aware this happened
behavioral component of smoking When something has a behavioral component, society feels ppl bring it on themselves, let them deal with it.
Hallucinogens actually a misnomer (named incorrectly) some hallucinogen (something that is not there) users see hallucinations, typically they experience delusions
Hallucination perception in the absence of stimulus
Delusion Misinterpretation of reality, an existing stimulant.
Hallucinogens Effects rely heavy on the setting.Cz’s random firing in the brain. Subjective feeling to the significance of the events.
(HPPD)Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder effect of a return of some of the symptoms of hallucinogen intoxication. Better known as “flashbacks”.
(HPPD) Common forms tracers and general feeling that something is not right.
Other Hallucinogens Mescaline, found in Peyote. Psilocybin: active ingredient in mushrooms. Nutmeg - vomits for an hour, then small amount of hallucination.
Inhalant’s class of drugs see a spike at 8th grade b/c it is easily available in home and cheap.
Inhalant’s administration Snorting/sniffing, bagging-limits the oxygen and concentrates the substance, huffing, spraying directly into the nose and mouth
Inhalants: the Common substances abused DANGEROUS!DANGEROUS!DANGEROUS! Toluene: one of the most abused solvents. Higher level of toluene,the better the high.
Anoxia lack of oxygen to the brain. Is caused by inhaled and by the bonding effect to the lung tissue.
Anabolic Steroids Increase testosterone. Increases muscle mass and decreases the time for healing
Androgenic Steroids increase or mimic male hormones for a variety of goals.
Common types of steroid use Mega dosing-takes large dose Cycling-multiple doses over time with periods of abstinence to reduce the tolerance Stacking-more than one type at a time Array-taking other medications in conjunction to combat the side effects
Steroid abuse symptoms embalancing testosterone cz's physical aspects to change: men get breast, penis shrink's, voice changes, women get harrier, clitoris enlarges,
symptoms Swelling of feet or lower limbs. foul smelling breath, changes in skin, acne. Increase or decrease in body hair, male-pattern baldness, shrinkage of testi's, atrophy of penis in males, Enlargement of male breasts, breast reduction in females. enlargement
symptoms continued: enlargement of external genitalia in females. Depression. Restlessness. Loss of appetite. Diminished sex drive HA Insomnia.
Created by: mcbeats