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Cianci - McKinney

The Reconstruction of France

NCA policies pursued Govt.- Constitutional Monarchy Religion- anti clericalism Economics- unregulated freedom Admin.- rationalism
Assembly wanted to protect... Property, civic equality
Constitution of 1791 Established a constitutional monarchy. Major political force was now a Legislative Assembly
Active Citizens Men who paid annual taxes. Were allowed to vote. Chose electors who voted for legislature
Political authority was transferred to... Men with land and commercial property
Olympe de Gouges died 1793. Butcher's daughter. Wrote Declaration on the Rights of Woman
Declaration on the Rights of Woman Ironically addressed to Marie Antoinette, mostly copied from Declaration on the Rights of Man and Citizen.
Departments Replaced Provinces, named after landmarks.
Judicial reforms Replaced with new courts, removed degrading punishments
Chapelier Law Enacted June 14, 1791. Forbade workers' associations. In response to urban workers protecting wages.
Reactions to Roman Catholic land confiscation Inflation, civil war, religious problems
Assignats Government bonds paid for by church land. Initially successful, but lead to over-issuing and inflation
Civil Constitution of the Clergy July 1790. Made the Roman Catholic Church a branch of secular state. Reduced bishoprics, one for each department.
Counterrevolution Negative response to CCC.
Émigré Aristocrats who left France to form counterrevolution. Included king's younger brother.
Flight to Varennes June 20, 1971. King Louis XVI and family left Paris as servants. Were discovered and escorted back to Paris.
Declaration of Pillnitz Issued by Leopold II. Would intervene to protect French royal family if other powers agreed. Would mean the undoing of all of the NCA.
Created by: Cianci